• Gabriel Chodorow-Reich


2022, Paper: "Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a significant part of the social insurance safety net in the U.S. and around the world. The experience of COVID-19 illustrates the critical role that UI can play in the face of enormous aggregate shocks. It also highlights an issue that has been a perennial focus of UI policy: how the duration of benefits should depend on the state of the economy. UI benefits are currently set to 26 weeks in most states. Under current law, a state enters into extended benefits (EB) if its insured or total unemployment rate exceeds legislated thresholds, with additional duration of 13 or 20 weeks. The current EB system has two potential shortcomings. First, the stringency of the trigger thresholds (including allowing states to opt out of the less stringent triggers) means that the system rarely actually triggers. Second, the additional 13 or 20 weeks may..."

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