• Laura Huang


July 29, 2020, Paper, "Marginalized and stigmatized identities frequently invoke unchallenged assumptions of negative outcomes for individuals. This symposium illustrates the AOM 2020 theme of Broadening our Sight by showcasing research-driven perspectives that embrace increasingly holistic and nuanced theoretical conceptualizations of these identities and novel methodological approaches to studying them. Bridging diverse scholarly foci, session panelists will draw primarily from their research to present key insights on how individuals are influenced by and respond to identity-based adversity (e.g., cognitive reframing, entrepreneurial ventures), including the specific roles of organizations in shaping these processes. Panelists and attendees will critically examine varying mechanisms in which individuals leverage strengths associated with their marginalized and stigmatized identit(ies) to prosper in organizational contexts. We will address specific organizational practices for reducing biases that stifle these strengths and reflect on how we as scholars can reduce similar biases in our research."

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