• Stephen Chaudoin


September 6, 2020, Paper: "Global value chains (GVCs) are the practical expressions and principal engines of today’s globalization. There is a burgeoning body of literature that takes a GVC perspective to understand the changing reality of globalization and its profound economic and political implications. We map globalization with Inter-Country Input-Output (ICIO) Tables, and we construct measures to describe the structure, interdependence, and power dynamic of globalization by tracing origins of value added in global trade. Our approach views GVCs as exchange networks, and relies on the Leontief Decomposition method to summarize the network structure and relationships by incorporating direct and higher-order value added interdependence. In the empirical analysis, we combine the OECD Input-Output Tables and the UNCTAD-Eora Global Value Chain Database. The data and measures reveal the structure, process and interdependence..."

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