• Shoshana Zuboff


June 28, 2021, Video: "Tracked, traced and manipulated: On the internet, the digital marketplace of our society, we as users have become the source of a free commodity – suppliers of behavioral data. Hardly anything works anymore without the highly coveted data that digital companies use to make predictions about our lives – while manipulating us. The surveillance capitalism of the digital world has become a threat to our freedom and democracy and is attacking our economic system. In her best-selling book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” Harvard professor emeritus and leading digital economist Shoshana Zuboff describes the economic paradigm shift. Driven by business models like surveillance advertising, which derives money off hate and disinformation, tech giants are expanding their data monopoly – unchecked and on the backs of our society. Inspiring speaker Shoshana Zuboff will open this webinar with a keynote on “Surveillance Capitalism.”"

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