The Tax Reform Agenda. Martin Feldstein, September 26, 2017, Opinion, "The good news about our tax system is that, over the years, our tax rules have been getting better. Those who write the tax laws have been listening to the advice of economists — or at least what they have been doing for other reasons is in line with what economists have advised.  High tax rates that distort incentives and create large deadweight losses have been reduced: the top marginal rate of the personal income tax has come down from 92 percent to 40 percent now, and the corporate tax rate has come down from 50 percent to 35 percent. It has been possible to lower rates in that way by eliminating a variety of tax loopholes, i.e., tax accounting rules that allow taxable income to be less than economic income. So we have a less distorting — a more efficient — tax system than we did in the past." Link