• Geoffery G. Jones


The Unconventional Capitalism That Shapes Business History. Geoffrey Jones, May 15, 2019, Opinion, "In thinking about the current contested state of global capitalism, and what to do about it, much can be learned from the debates I heard at the recent Harvard Business School conference, Seeking the Unconventional in Forging Histories of Capitalism, which assembled a stellar and diverse cast of historians, management researchers, and others.  As co-organizer of the event with HBS Professor Tarun Khanna and Harvard-Newcomen Fellow Sudev J. Sheth, I was thrilled as participants explored, tested, and celebrated unconventional ideas, research topics and methodologies. Too often scholarly–and other–critiques of capitalism and big business resort to stereotypes and generalizations, sweeping the good, the bad, and the ugly into an amorphous single entity. Engaging seriously with the past can be liberating and provide a refreshing lens to think about the future." Link