• Niall Ferguson


September 8, 2020, Video: "Since early March Niall Ferguson has been meticulously collating and analysing data about Covid 19 pandemic we are facing now – tracking how the coronavirus pandemic began, how we got to where we are today and extrapolating what the future is likely to hold. In this special Intelligence Squared video with host Rana Mitter, Niall Ferguson will tackle the most pressing questions we all want answers to. Which of the world’s governments got their reaction to the virus right – those with the more or the less stringent measures? What chances are there of a strong economic recovery in the foreseeable future? Will we find a vaccine soon and enter the ‘post-Covid world’ or are we likely to be living (and dying) with the virus for years to come? Will tensions between China and the US escalate still further, leading us into a Cold War II?"

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