• Mark Roe


April 13, 2021, Paper: "Stock-market short-termism—stemming from rapid trading and activists looking for quick cash—is, a widespread view has it, hurting the American economy. Because stock markets will not support corporate long-term planning, the thinking goes, companies fail to invest enough, do not do enough research and development, and buy back so much of their stock that their coffers are depleted of cash for their future.  This widespread view has induced proposals for remedy. One proposal is for corporate “loyalty shares,” whereby stockholders who own their stock for longer periods would get more voting power than those who trade their stock quickly. In the proponents’ vision, executives would appeal to loyal, longer-term, stockholders for votes against activists and traders and, by investing for the long run, would obtain the loyalty share votes. The longer-run stockholders, with extra votes, would elect like-minded boards and support longer-term corporate business policies. The affected companies would profit more and the American economy would prosper."

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