Discovering Solutions

The program envisages a bold research program that covers three research initiatives:

Access: Insurance Expansions and Plan Design

What are the benefits of expanded access to patients and society, and what are ways in which these reforms can be preserved?

  • Valuing the benefits of more generous insurance and insurance reforms on patients;
  • Optimal plan design for health insurance offerings;
  • Premium support for slowing cost-growth in Medicare and exchange plans;
  • Long-term care in the United States; and
  • Reforms to eliminate the regressive nature of health insurance financing.

Innovation: Market Size and Regulatory Policy

What is the responsiveness of the speed and type of innovation to market size and regulatory policy?

  • Responsiveness of innovation to market size, regulation, and exclusivity periods;
  • Agglomeration economies in the creation of life science innovation;
  • National Institutes of Health funding and its role in new medical discoveries; and
  • Novel pricing mechanisms for cures and breakthrough treatments.

Delivery System Reform: Payment Policy and Value-Based Care

Physicians, hospitals, and the delivery system are central to delivering high-value care that is low-cost and high-quality. Government payment policy, through payments and regulation, is central to this enterprise.

  • Reforming the delivery system, through reimbursement reform, bundled payments;
  • Regulatory and competitive solutions for market power as a result of consolidation;
  • Consumer decision making and knowledge about high value providers;
  • Role of employers and health plans in encouraging value-based healthcare; and
  • Medical malpractice and its effects of defensive medicine.