Harvard-MIT-BU Health Economics Seminar
Spring 2024 Schedule

SUP 951

Seminar Locations and Room Numbers:

Boston University: HAR412 at BU Questrom, 595 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
Harvard HCP: 180A Longwood Ave, Boston, Second Floor Conference Room
Harvard Kennedy School: Wexner 330

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Location Speaker and Affiliation Title
January 31, 2024 BU Questrom Riley League (NBER) Regulation and Diffusion of Information Under Information Spillovers: The Case of New Medical Procedures
February 7, 2024 BU Questrom Sarah Miller (University of Michigan) The Long-Term Effects of Income for At-Risk Infants: Evidence from Supplemental Security Income (with Amelia Hawkins, Christopher Hollrah, Laura Wherry, Gloria Aldana and Mitchell Wong
February 14, 2024 BU Questrom Parker Rogers (NBER) The Impact of Price Controls on Innovation: Evidence from Medicare
February 21, 2024 BU Questrom Gautam Gowrisankaran (Columbia) How Do Hospitals Respond to Payment Incentives
February 28, 2024 Harvard HCP Gina Li (Federal Reserve) Becoming Dual: Measuring the Impact of Gaining Medicaid Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries 
March 6, 2024 Harvard HCP Adam Sacarny (Columbia)  
March 13, 2024   SPRING BREAK  
March 20, 2024 Harvard HCP Andrew Olenski (Lehigh)  
March 27, 2024 Harvard HCP Leila Agha (Harvard HCP)  
April 3, 2024 HKS Jonathan Zhang (McMaster)  
April 10, 2024 HKS Ignacio Cuesta (Stanford)  
April 17, 2024 HKS Marika Cabral (University of Texas-Austin)  
April 24, 2024 HKS Amanda Kowalski (University of Michigan)