Daniel Cheung on The Regulatory Landscape Facing the Next President, a seminar led by Susan Dudley, former OIRA Administrator 10/13/2016

Daniel Cheung on A Bipartisan Proposal For Improving America’s Retirement Security and Personal Savings (seminar led by Brigitte Madrian) 9/20/2016

Comptroller Thomas Curry Releases OCC White Paper on Responsible Banking Innovation 4/1/16.

David Levine on OSHA: Job Killer or Stopping Jobs that Kill? 2/9/16.


Robert Lawrence and Robert Stavins on What the WTO can learn from Paris climate talks 12/7/15.

HPCA at COP21 coverage in the Harvard Gazette, Harvard's Stavins, Stowe compare climate change policies in Paris 12/6/15.

Robert Stavins on Why the Paris climate talks could yield a historic agreement 12/2/15.

Joseph Aldy on 'Trust but verify' should be a motto of Paris climate talks 11/30/15.

Jeffrey Frankel on The Trouble with International Policy Coordination 11/24/15.

Joseph Aldy on Designing Durable Climate Policy10/20/15.

Kate Konschnik on Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Reporting and Disclosure 9/22/15.

Jeffrey Frankel on The Right Time to Reform Fuel Pricing 8/7/15.

Jody Freeman and Kate Konschnik on A Climate Plan Businesses Can Like 8/3/15.

Jody Freeman on How Obama Plans to Beat His Climate Critics 8/3/15.

Robert Lawrence on Perhaps American Capitalism Isn't Broken After All 7/27/15.

Max Bazerman on Behavioral Science's Growing Role in Making Government Work Better 7/24/15.

Richard Lazarus on the US Supreme Court ruling blocking EPA's rules for power plants 6/30/15.

Joseph Aldy quoted in Natureon Getting a Fair Deal 5/21/15.

Hal Scott's Committee on Capital Markets Regulation releases quarterly financial penalties data5/12/15.

Joseph Aldy discusses climate change and divestment 4/14/2015.

Lewis B. Kaden shares lessons from the financial crisis at an RPP seminar 4/9/15.

Robert N. Stavins on the UN climate change body looks inward 3/9/15.

Mihaela Papa on the BRICS group in global regulation 2/26/15.

Richard Lazarus on no safety net 2/18/15.

Cass Sunstein on paying to slow climate change 2/9/15.

RPP faculty listed among SSRN's most-cited law school professors 1/29/15.

Guide to Courses on Regulation at Harvard University 1/26/15.

Cass Sunstein on the dangers of group think 1/14/15.

Robert Stavins' Harvard Project on Climate Agreements co-hosts two official side events at COP-20 1/7/15.

Lawrence Summers' op-ed in the Washington Post, Oil's Swoon Creates an Opportunity for a Carbon Tax 1/4/15.

Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis announces spring conference 1/3/15


Joseph Aldy on Learning from Experience: Employing Retrospective Review to Improve Regulatory Policy 11/13/14.

John Graham speaks to RPP seminar on The Future of Plug-in Cars 10/31/14.

HKS students share their experience as regulators at RPP seminar 10/3/14.

Guide to Courses on Regulation at Harvard University. 8/22/14.

Max Bazerman publishes The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders See. 8/5/14.

Cass Sunstein on The Poor Need Ryan's Regulation Reform. 7/28/14.

Cass Sunstein on Poison Pill Hidden in EPA Ruling. 6/24/14.

Jody Freeman and Michael B. Gerrard edit book on Global Climate Change and U.S. Law. 5/19/14.

Why the job market actually improved after the BP oil spill. Joseph Aldy, RPP faculty chair, in The Washington Post. 8/22/14.

RPP releases Guide to Harvard University Courses on Regulation. 8/22/14.

Max Bazerman, RPP affiliate, publishes The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders. 8/5/14.

The Poor Need Ryan’s Regulation Reform. Cass Sunstein, RPP affiliate, in Bloomberg. 7/28/14.

Poison Pill Hidden in EPA Ruling. Cass Sunstein, RPP affiliate, in Bloomberg. 6/24/14.

Jody Freeman, RPP affiliate, and Michael B. Gerrard, edit book on Global Climate Change and U.S. Law. 5/19/14.

Calculating the costs of pollution. Cass R. Sunstein, RPP affiliate, in the Los Angeles Times(with Francesca Dominici and Michael Greenstone). 4/24/14.

Does Regulation Kill Jobs? Joseph Aldy, RPP Faculty Chair, and Lisa A. Robinson, RPP affiliate, share their research at an RPP seminar. 4/10/14.

Joseph Aldy provides perspective on the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report, HKS News. 4/7/14.

Next generation compliance and enforcement at EPA. Cynthia Giles, EPA Assistant Admnistrator for the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, EPA, presents at an RPP seminar. HKS News, 3/31/14.

Obscurity in Management and Budget? Joseph Aldy, RPP Faculty Chair, with Art Fraas and Randall Lutter, in Regulation magazine. 2/12/14.
Soft landings and strategic choices. Jody Freeman, RPP affiliate, comments on greenhouse gas cases before the Supreme Court in SCOTUSblog. 2/10/14.
The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis announces registration for March 12-14 workshops, conference, and meetings in Washington DC, Chaired by Lisa A. Robinson, RPP Fellow. 2/10/14.


Understanding Regulation's Impact on Employment. Joseph Aldy, Faculty Chair of the Regulatory Policy Program, and Lisa Robinson, RPP Fellow, share their research on Capitol Hill. 9/16/13.

It's a Bad Idea to Label Genetically Modified Food. Cass R. Sunstein, RPP affiliate, in Akron Beacon Journal Online. May 16, 2013.

Saving Money with Environmental Regulation. Joseph Aldy, Faculty Chair of the Regulatory Policy Program, discusses OMB's report on the costs and benefits of environmental regulation. Living on Earth, 5/10/2013.

The Health Effects of Coal Electricity Generation in India: Implications for Pollution Regulation.
Maureen Cropper, Distinguished University Professor of Economics, University of Maryland. Read the HKS News story on this seminar, 2/28/2013.

Reinforcing Regulatory Regimes: How States, Civil Society, and Codes of Conduct Promote Adherence to Global Labor Standards.
Michael W. Toffel, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School. Read the Summary of this seminar, 2/14/2013.

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Deciding by Default. Cass R. Sunstein, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Harvard Law School. Read the HKS News story about this seminar, 11/29/12.

Mandatory Regulatory Review at Independent Agencies. Nancy Nord, Commissioner, US Consumer Products Safety Commission. Read the HKS News story about this seminar, 11/15/12.

Michael W. Toffel (RPP faculty affiliate) and Glen Dowell, Toxics Release Inventory: A Case Study in Information Disclosure. RegBlog of the Penn Program on Regulation, 10/22/2012.

Regulatory Breakdown:The Crisis of Confidence in U.S. Regulation. Cary Coglianese, Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science and Director of the Penn Program on Regulation, University of Pennsylvania Law School; Matthew Baum, Marvin Kalb Professor of Global Communications, Harvard Kennedy School; and Richard Zeckhauser, Frank Plumpton Ramsey Professor of Political Economy, Harvard Kennedy School. Read the HKS News story about this seminar, 10/11/2012.

The SO2 Allowance Trading System: The Ironic History of Grand Policy Experience. Robert N. Stavins, Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government, Havard Kennedy School. Read the story in the Harvard Gazetteabout this event 9/13/2012.

Joseph Aldy, Art Fraas, and Randy Lutter, Financial Regulation sans Analysis. Politicoop-ed, 6/20/12.

Financial Regulatory Reform: Innovation in Regulatory Design and Implementation.Diana Farrell, Director, McKinsey Center for Government. Read the story about this event 4/12/12.

On the Quality of Economic Analysis at Independent Financial Regulatory Agencies.Randall Lutter, Visiting Scholar, Resources for the Future. Read the story about this event 4/5/12.

Stressed Out: Macroprudential Principles for Stress Testing, Anil Kashyap, Edward Eagle Brown Professor of Economics and Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Read the story about this event 3/20/12.

Regulation, Unemployment, and Cost-Benefit Analysis, Eric Posner, Kirkland & Ellis Professor of Law, University of Chicago. Read the story about this event 3/8/12.

Taxing Gasoline: How Consumer Behavior is Affected, Erich Muehlegger, HKS Associate Professor of Public Policy, 3/5/2012

Regulating the Shadow Banking System. Andrew Metrick, Michael H. Jordan Professor of Finance and Management, Yale School of Management. Read the story about this event 3/1/12.

Reviving Regulatory Reform. Christopher DeMuth, Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute. Read the story about this event 2/23/12.

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Promoting Safety, Protecting the Environment, and Conserving Offshore Resources through Vigorous Regulatory Oversight and Enforcement. Michael R. Bromwich, Director, Bureau of Safety and Environmetnal Enforcement, US Department of Interior. Read the story about this event. 12/8/11.

Countdown to Rio + 20: UN Conference on Sustainable Development. The UN Conference on Sustainable Development is six months away. What are the main issues at stake? Diplomats and an NGO leader engaged in the process share their perspectives. Read the story about this event. 11/10/11.
The Economics of Housing Finance Reform Regulation. Seminar with David S. Scharfstein, Edmund Cogswell Converse Professor of Finance and Banking, Harvard Business School. Read the news story about this event and Prof. Scharfstein's working paper. 11/3/11.

Making Markets Work Better: Student Experiences in Regulatory Policy. This panel discussion highlighted the role that Harvard students have played in shaping regulatory policy in DC and internationally. Read the news story about this event. 10/28/11.

Two recent Regulatory Policy Program working papers analyze how to improve policies related to deepwater oil and gas drilling. Read a synthesis of these papers.

Regulatory Capture: A New Look at an Old Problem. David Moss, John G. McLean Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School, discussed his forthcoming book on regulatory capture at an RPP regulation seminar. Read the news story about this event on 10/20/11.

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Jeffrey Frankel on the Economy(interview with Tom Keene, podcast, Bloomberg) 7/22/2008

Archon Fung on “A Modest Proposal for Popular Election Supervision,” 7/03/2008

New Book: Malcolm K. Sparrow on The Character of Harms6/2008

David Lazer quoted in the Wall Street Journal on DNA and the Criminal Justice System, 06/19/08

Robert Lawrence co-edits Enabling Global Trade report for the World Economic Forum,

Robert N. Stavins and Joseph E. Aldy on “Climate Policy Architectures for the Post-Kyoto World,”5/2008

Robert N. Stavins et al. on "Corporate Social Responsibility Through An Economic Lens,"5/2008

David Lazer research highlighted in the PBS show, Religion and Ethics Weekly, 5/22/08

Lucian Bebchuk on “Shareholder Rights and the DGCL,” Spring 2008

New Book: Max Bazerman and Michael Watkins on Predictable Surprises, Harvard Business School Press, 4/16/2008

RPP hosts EPA and state environmental protection officials for dialogue on the role of performance-based environmental regulation, 3/11-12/2008

David Lazer Science Magazine article on DNA cited in the Wall Street Journal "The Gene Police," 2/28/08

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger’s and David Lazer’s book, "Governance and Information Technology: From Electronic Government to Information Government", is highlighted in The Economist, 2/14/2008. The book, already in its second printing, has been repeatedly ranked among the Top 50 public administration books overall.

William Hogan on Electricity Market Hybrids: Mixed Market Design, Regulation And Investment,(Keynote Presentation, La Asociación Española para la Economía Energética (AEEE), Bilbao, Spain), 1/17/2008

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William Hogan, with co-authors Paul R. Gribik and Susan L. Pope, on “Market-Clearing Electricity Prices and Energy Uplift,”12/31/2007

David Lazer quoted in NPR articles Legal Limits Murky for Use of 'Discarded' DNA and Police Use DNA to Track Suspects Through Family,12/12/07

Robert N. Stavins on Addressing Climate Change with a Comprehensive U.S. Cap-and-Trade System,” 11/09/2007

Lucian Arye Bebchuk and Zvika Neeman on “Investor Protection and Interest Group Politics,” Harvard Law and Economics Discussion Paper No. 603, 11/2007

M-RCBG celebrates 25th anniversary with focus on regulation10/23-24/2008

New Book: Robert N. Stavins on Architectures for Agreement: Addressing Global Climate Change in the Post-Kyoto World,9/21/2007

Robert Lawrence on “International Organizations: The Challenge of Aligning Mission, Means and Legitimacy,”9/2007

F. M. Scherer on Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 09/17/2007

New Book: Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger and David Lazer on Governance and Information Technology, 09/2007

Tom Healey on “Sarbox Was the Right Medicine”, 08/09/2007

Henry Lee on Policy Options for Reducing Oil Consumption and Greenhouse-Gas Emissions from the U.S. Transportation Sector, 07/05/2007

Rob Stavins to Lead the Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements, 06/07/2007

John Ruggie's UN Mandate Supported in G8 Summit Communique (paragraph 84), 5/2007

New Book:Archon Fung, Mary Graham, and David Weil on Full Disclosure: The Perils and Promise of Transparency, 5/2007

New Book: Elaine Kamarck on The End of Government as We Know It: Making Public Policy Work, 5/2007

Peter H. Schuck and Richard J. Zeckhauser on "Good Programs vs. Bad Apples", 3/26/2007

Frederick Schauer on “Ambivalence about the Law”, 02/07/2007

Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash Review EPA’s Performance Track Program; Report Chronicled in SocialFunds, 1/10/2007

Roger Porter on Former President Gerald Ford, "Ford Fostered Civility and Decency", 1/3/2007

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Glauber Lectureship Begun at Kennedy School, 12/14/06

Akash Deep Co-Chairs New Executive Education Program on Governance Challenges for India, 12/07/2006

New Book: Coglianese and Nash on Leveraging the Private Sector, 09/10/2006

Cary Coglianese Named Edward B. Shils Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania, 07/01/2006

New book: Ashley Brown’s Handbook for Evaluating Infrastructure Regulatory Systems, 6/2006

RPP Convenes Corporate Governance Dialogue, 05/09/2006

William Hogan Receives Prestigious IAEE Award, 04/07/2006

William Hogan Named First Raymond Plank Professor of Global Energy Policy, 01/16/2006

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Einer Elhauge Launches Program in Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics, 11/30/2005

Thomas Healey and Robert Steel on the U.S. Pension System, 08/16/2005

Cary Coglianese Advises on Retirement Board Governance Reforms,08/10/2005

John Ruggie Named UN Special Representative,08/01/2005

Elizabeth Keating Conference: Promoting Financial Stewardship in the Public Sector, 04/01/2005

RPP Announces Spring Seminar Series of Corporate Governance and Public Policy, 03/02/2005

New Book: Robert Stavins on The Political Economy of Environmental Regulation, 01/10/2005

William Rosenberg Releases Report on "National Gasification Strategy", 01/07/2005

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John Ruggie on the UN's Oil for Food Program, 12/08/2004

David Lazer and Swapping the Secrets of the Double Helix, 12/01/2004

Cary Coglianese and Others Offer Recommendations to OMB on the New Federal Docket System, 11/11/2004

Robert Stavins Appointed to EPA's Science Advisory Board, 11/04/2004

New Book: David Lazer on DNA and the Criminal Justice System, 11/01/2004

New Book: Lucian Bebchuk on Pay without Performance, 11/01/2004

New Book:Sheila Jasanoff on Earthly Politics: Local and Global in Environmental Governance, 10/25/2004

RPP Releases Report on the Proper Role of Government in Corporate Governance, 10/07/2004

William Rosenberg Releases Report on IGCC Coal Generation, 07/26/2004

Robert Stavins on Environmental Policy and Election 2004, 07/22/2004

Thomas Healey on Social Security's Surprising Turn, 06/25/2004

Federal Computer Week, "Harvard Suggests Improvements for", 06/14/2004

John Ruggie Advises on UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, 06/09/2004

RPP's Corporate Governance Initiative holds Conference on the Corporate Crisis and Implications for Government, 06/02/2004

Center for Business and Government hosts conference on "The Role of Government in Corporate Governance", 05/27/2004

RPP Releases E-Rulemaking Report to National Science Foundation, 05/21/2004

Henry Lee on Energy Policy and Election 2004, 05/12/2004

William Hogan on the U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force Report, 04/19/2004

Lucian Bebchuk selected as Guggenheim Fellow, 04/08/2004

Thomas Healey: The Best Safeguard Against Financial Scandal, 03/12/2004

Penny Collenette on Whistle Blowers,03/05/2004

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative sponsored a Forum on "The Public Role of Private Enterprise", 03/04/2004

James K. Hammitt on "Balancing Lives Against Lucre", 02/25/2004

James K. Hammitt Appointed Director of Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, 02/24/2004

Alan Altshuler Receives Prestigious Award, 01/07/2004

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Cary Coglianese Appointed the Irvine Visiting Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, 12/22/2003

Steven Kelman on 'Cronyism' in Iraq, 11/06/2003

Lucian Bebchuk on Making Directors Accountable, 11/01/2003

Kenneth Neil Cuker on Why the Internet Must Regulate Itself, 10/31/2003

New Book: Frederick Schauer on Profiles, Probabilities, and Stereotypes, 10/20/2003

Thomas Healey on Rethinking the Rules at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 10/15/2003

Regulatory Policy Program Fall 2003 News, 10/01/2003

RPP Announces Corporate Governance Initiative Seminars, 09/22/2003

New Book: Alan Altshuler on Mega-Projects, 09/08/2003

RPP Announces Fall 2003 Regulation Seminar Series, 09/04/2003

New Book:Tony Gomez-Ibanez on Regulating Infrastructure, 08/28/2003

Bill Hogan on Electricity as a Federal Issue, 08/18/2003

RPP Holds Washington, D.C. Conference on Leveraging the Private Sector, 08/07/2003

Thomas Healey on America's Pension Crisis, 07/22/2003

RPP Launches Web Portal on E-Rulemaking, 07/22/2003

Lucian Bebchuk on Reforming Corporate Proxy Rules, 06/13/2003

Robert Stavins on Trading in Fishing Rights, 04/28/2003

RPP Dialogue: The Perils of Whistleblowing, 04/24/2003

Elena Kagan Named Dean of Harvard Law School, 04/03/2003

Viscusi & Zeckhauser Release Study on Civil Liberties and Terrorism, 03/17/2003

RPP Holds Workshop on Information Technology and Rulemaking, 01/28/2003

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RPP Co-Sponsors Kennedy School Forum on “Corporate Fraud and Rattled Investors”, 09/16/2002

RPP Organizes Workshop on Performance-Based Regulation, 05/13/2002

RPP Co-Sponsors Kennedy School Forum on “Enron: Causes, Effects, and Cures”, 03/18/2002

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RPP Co-Sponsors Policy Workshop on the Role of Science and Economics in Setting Environmental Standards, Washington, DC., 05/31/2001

RPP Co-Sponsors Conference on Voluntary, Collaborative and Information-Based Policies, 05/10/2001

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