Analysis and Evaluation

Analysis and Evaluation

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The Long-Run Discount Rate Controversy
Christian Gollier and James K. Hammitt | RPP-2015-16

Cost-Benefit Analysis, Who's Your Daddy?
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2015-12

Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Knowledge Problem
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2015-03

Learning from Experience: An Assessment of the Retrospective Reviews of Agency Rules and the Evidence for Improving the Design and Implementation of Regulatory Policy
Joseph E. Aldy | RPP-2014-28

Financial Regulation and Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Comment
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2014-21

The Regulatory Lookback
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2014-01

On Not Revisiting Official Discount Rates: Institutional Inertia and the Social Cost of Carbon
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2013-21

The Value of a Statistical Life: Some Clarifications and Puzzles
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2013-18

Toward Best Practices: Assessing the Effects of Regulation on Employment
Lisa A. Robinson | RPP-2013-02

Positive v. Normative Justifications for Benefit-Cost Analysis
James K. Hammitt | RPP-2012-13

Recommendations for the Design of the Federal Docket Management System
Cary Coglianese, Stuart Shapiro, and Steven J. Balla | RPP-2004-12

Group Judgments: Statistical Means, Deliberation, and Information Markets
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2004-11

Debiasing Through Law
Christine Jolls and Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2004-10

E-Rulemaking: Information Technology and the Regulatory Process
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2004-02

Lives, Life-Years, and Willingness to Pay
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2004-01

Shifting Sands: The Limits of Science in Setting Risk Standards
Cary Coglianese and Gary E. Marchant | RPP-2003-15

Information Technology and Regulatory Policy: New Directions for Digital Government Research
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2003-12

The Internet and Public Participation in Rulemaking
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2003-05

Are Campaign Contributions Investment in the Political Marketplace or Individual Consumption? Or "Why Is There So Little Money in Politics?"
Stephen Ansolabehere, John M. de Figueiredo, and James M. Snyder, Jr. | RPP-2002-12

Is Satisfaction Success? Evaluating Public Participation in Regulatory Policymaking
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2002-09

Increasing Participation and Compliance in International Climate Change Agreements
Scott Barrett and Robert Stavins | RPP-2002-08

The Credibility of Expert Advice for Regulatory Decision-making in the US and EU
Ariane K├Ânig and Sheila Jasanoff | RPP-2002-07

Probability Neglect: Emotions, Worst Cases, and Law
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2002-06

The Future of Electronic Rulemaking: A Research Agenda
Jeffrey S. Lubbers | RPP-2002-04

Regulatory Review: Presidential Control through Selective Communication and Institutionalized Conflict
David Lazer | RPP-2001-03

Is Consensus an Appropriate Basis for Regulatory Policy?
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2001-02