Environmental Regulation

Environmental Regulation

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Assessment and Communication of the Social Science of Climate Change: Bridging Research and Policy
Carlo Carraro, Charles Kolstad, and Robert Stavins | RPP-2015-15

Does Active Choosing Promote Green Energy Use? Experimental Evidence
Simon Hedlin and Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2015-13

Assessing the Energy-Efficiency Gap
Todd D. Gerarden, Richard G. Newell, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2015-09

Leapfrogging or Stalling Out? Electric Vehicles in China
Sabrina Howell, Henry Lee, and Adam Heal | RPP-2015-07

Facilitating Linkage of Heterogeneous Regional, National, and Sub-National Climate Policies through a Future International Agreement
Daniel M. Bodansky, Seth A. Hoedl, Gilbert E. Metcalf, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2015-06

The Catastrophic Harm Precautionary Principle
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2015-02

Belt and Suspenders and More: The Incremental Impact of Energy Efficiency Subsidies in the Presence of Existing Policy Instruments
Sebastien Houde and Joseph E. Aldy | RPP-2014-26

Supply Chain Screening Without Certification: The Critical Role of Stakeholder Pressure
Susan A. Kayser, John W. Maxwell, and Michael W. Toffel | RPP-2014-23

Comparability of Effort in International Climate Policy Architecture
Joseph E. Aldy and William A. Pizer | RPP-2014-19

U.S. Climate Change Law and Policy: Possible Paths Forward
Jody Freeman and Kate Konschnik | RPP-2014-13

Performance Track's Postmortem: Lessons from the Rise and Fall of EPA's "Flagship" Voluntary Program
Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2014-12

Three Lingering Design Issues Affecting Market Performance in California's GHG Cap-and-Trade Program
Todd Schatzki and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2014-08

Beyond AB 32: Post-2020 Climate Policy for California
Todd Schatzki and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2014-07

Using the Value of Allowances from California's GHG Cap-and-Trade System
Todd Schatzki and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2014-06

Implications of Policy Interactions for California's Climate Policy
Todd Schatzki and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2014-05

On Not Revisiting Official Discount Rates: Institutional Inertia and the Social Cost of Carbon
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2013-21

Behavioral Economics, Consumption, and Environmental Protection
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2013-19

Linkage of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Systems: Learning from Experience
Matthew Ranson and Robert N. Stavins| RPP-2013-15

Breaking Up May Not Be Hard to Do: Terminating Links between Emission Trading Programs
William A. Pizer and Andrew J. Yates| RPP-2013-12

Environmental Law at the Crossroads: Looking Back 25, Looking Forward 25
Richard J. Lazarus | RPP-2013-08

Extended Producer Responsibility in the United States: Full Speed Ahead?
Jennifer Nash and Christopher Bosso | RPP-2013-04


North American Oil and Gas Reserves: Prospects and Policy
Jonathan Bailey and Henry Lee | RPP-2012-14

The SO2 Allowance Trading System: The Ironic History of a Grand Policy Experiment
Richard Schmalensee and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2012-11

The Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act: A Model for Nanomaterials Regulation?
Jennifer Nash | RPP-2012-10

Intra-Industry Trade, Environmental Policies, and Innovations: The Porter-Hypothesis Revisited
Gerhard Clemenz | RPP-2012-09

Post-Durban Climate Policy Architecture Based on Linkage of Cap-and-Trade Systems
Matthew Ranson and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2012-08

Competition and Illicit Quality
Victor Manuel Bennett, Lamar Pierce, Jason A. Snyder, and Michael W. Toffel | RPP-2012-05

Unilateral Emission Tax and Intra-Industry Trade: An Ideal Variety Approach
Gerhard Clemenz | RPP-2012-04

Explaining Non-Take-up of Water Subsidy
Momi Dahan and Udi Nisan | RPP-2012-03

Gasoline Taxes and Consumer Behavior
Shanjun Li, Joshua Linn, and Erich Muehlegger | RPP-2012-02

The SO2 Allowance Trading System and the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990: Reflections on Twenty Years of Policy Innovation
Gabriel Chan, Robert Stavins, Robert Stowe, and Richard Sweeney | RPP-2012-01

The Competitiveness Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Policies
Joseph E. Aldy and William A. Pizer | RPP-2011-08

The Promise and Problems of Pricing Carbon: Theory and Experience
Joseph E. Aldy and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2011-06

Using the Market to Address Climate Change: Insights from Theory and Experience
Joseph E. Aldy and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2011-05

Real-Time Economic Analysis and Policy Development During the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Joseph E. Aldy | RPP-2011-04

Deterring and Compensating Oil Spill Catastrophes: The Need for Strict and Two-Tier Liability
W. Kip Viscusi and Richard J. Zeckhauser | RPP-2011-03

The Problem of the Commons: Still Unsettled After 100 Years
Robert N. Stavins| RPP-2010-05

Three Key Elements of Post-2012 International Climate Policy Architecture
Sheila M. Olmstead and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2010-04

Interactions Between State and Federal Climate Change Policies
Lawrence H. Goulder and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2010-03

The Effect of Allowance Allocations on Cap-and-Trade System Performance
Robert Hahn and Robert Stavins | RPP-2010-02

Evaluating the Social Effects of Environmental Leadership Programs
Jonathan C. Borck, Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2008-08

Government Clubs: Theory & Evidence from VEPs
Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2008-07

Linkage of Tradable Permit Systems in International Climate Policy Architecture
Judson Jaffe and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2008-06

Comparing Price and Non-Price Approaches to Urban Water Conservation
Sheila M. Olmstead and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2008-05

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: Emission Leakage and the Effectiveness of Interstate Border Adjustments
Ian Sue Wing and Marek Kolodziej | RPP-2008-03

Giving Green to Get Green? Incentives and Consumer Adoption of Hybrid Vehicle Technology
Kelly Sims Gallagher and Erich Muehlegger | RPP-2008-01

Addressing Climate Change with a Comprehensive U.S. Cap-and-Trade System
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2007-07

Massachusetts v. EPA: From Politics to Expertise
Jody Freeman and Adrian Vermeule | RPP-2007-06

A U.S. Cap-and-Trade System to Address Global Climate Change
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2007-04

Over-Allocation or Abatement? A Preliminary Analysis of the EU ETS Based on the 2005-06 Emissions Data
A. Denny Ellerman and Barbara K. Buchner | RPP-2007-03

Measuring Illegal Activity and the Effects of Regulatory Innovation: A Study of Diesel Fuel Tax Evasion
Justin Marion and Erich Muehlegger | RPP-2007-02

Too Good to Be True? An Examination of Three Economic Assessments of California Climate Change Policy
Robert N. Stavins, Judson Jaffe, and Todd Schatzki | RPP-2007-01

Do Consumers React to the Shape of Supply? Water Demand Under Heterogeneous Price Structures
Sheila M. Olmstead, W. Michael Hanemann, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2005-05

The Effects of Vintage-Differentiated Environmental Regulation
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2005-04

Management-Based Strategies for Improving the Private Sector's Environmental Performance
Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2005-03

Land-Use Change and Carbon Sinks: Econometric Estimation of the Carbon Sequestration Supply Function
Ruben N. Lubowski, Andrew J. Plantinga, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2005-01

Environmental Economics
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2004-13

Environmental Law and Policy
Robert N. Stavins and Richard L. Revesz | RPP-2004-09

Can an Effective Global Climate Treaty be based on Sound Science, Rational Economics, and Pragmatic Politics?
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2004-06

Introduction to the Political Economy of Environmental Regulation
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2004-03

Are Management-Based Regulations Effective?: Evidence from State Pollution Prevention Programs
Lori D. Snyder | RPP-2003-21

The Role of Hazardousness and Regulatory Practice in the Accidental Release of Chemicals and U.S. Facilities
Michael R. Elliott, Paul Kleindorfer and Robert A. Lowe | RPP-2003-11

Building Sector-Based Consensus: A Review of the EPA's Common Sense Initiative
Cary Coglianese and Laurie K. Allen | RPP-2003-10

Environmental Protection and Economic Well-Being: How Does (and How Should) Government Balance These Two Important Values?
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2003-09

Market-Based Environmental Policies: What Can We Learn From U.S. Experience (and Related Research)?
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2003-07

Thirteen Plus One: A Comparison of Global Climate Policy Alternatives
Joseph E. Aldy, Scott Barrett, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2003-04

Private Options to Use Public Goods: Exploiting Revealed Preferences to Estimate Environmental Benefits
Lori D. Snyder, Robert N. Stavins, and Alexander F. Wagner | RPP-2003-03

The Effects of Environmental Regulation on Technology Diffusion: The Case of Chlorine Manufacturing
Nolan Miller, Lori Snyder, and Robert Stavins | RPP-2003-02

Improving Environmental Safety Through Third Party Inspection
Howard C. Kunreuther, Patrick J. McNulty, and Yong Kang | RPP-2002-11

Interpreting Sustainability in Economic Terms: Dynamic Efficiency Plus Intergenerational Equity
Robert N. Stavins, Alexander F. Wagner, and Gernot Wagner | RPP-2002-2

Technological Change and the Environment
Adam B. Jaffe, Richard G. Newell, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2001-13

Experience with Market-Based Environmental Policy Instruments
Robert Stavins | RPP-2001-11

National Environmental Policy During the Clinton Years
Sheila Cavanagh, Robert Hahn, and Robert Stavins | RPP-2001-10

Global Private Governance for Voluntary Standards Setting: National Organizational Legacies and International Institutional Biases
Walter Mattli | RPP-2001-06

Measurement that Matters: Cleaning up the Charles River
Shelley H. Metzenbaum | RPP-2001-05

Bolstering Private Environmental Management
Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2001-01