Financial Regulation

Financial Regulation

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The Banking Industry
F.M. Scherer | RPP-2014-25

Financial Regulation and Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Comment
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2014-21

Moneyball for State Regulators
Edward Glaeser and Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2014-20

The F.T.C., Oligopoly, and Shared Monopoly
F. M. Scherer| RPP-2013-16

Curtailing Fraud One Signature at a Time
Lisa L. Shu, Nina Mazar, Francesca Gino, Dan Ariely, and Max H. Bazerman | RPP-2013-07

Merger Efficiencies and Competition Policy
F. M. Scherer | RPP-2012-16

How Firms Respond to Mandatory Information Disclosure
Anil R. Doshi, Glen W. S. Dowell, and Michael W. Toffel | RPP-2012-15

Why Has Regional Convergence in the U.S. Stopped?
Peter Ganong and Daniel Shoag | RPP-2012-12

Financial Mergers and Their Consequences
F. M. Scherer | RPP-2012-07

The Economics of Housing Finance Reform
David Scharfstein and Adi Sunderam | RPP-2011-07

Can Leading Indicators Assess Country Vulnerability? Evidence from the 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis
Jeffrey Frankel and George Saravelos | RPP-2011-02

Which Types of Analyst Firms Make More Optimistic Forecasts?
Paul Healy, Amanda Cowen and Boris Groysberg | RPP-2004-08

Sacrificing Corporate Profits in the Public Interest
Einer Elhauge | RPP-2004-05

Mandated Disclosure and Stock Returns: Evidence from the Over-the-Counter Market
Allen Ferrell | RPP-2004-04

Accounting for Social Security and Its Reform
Howell E. Jackson | RPP-2003-18

Shareholder Access to the Ballot
Lucian Arye Bebchuk | RPP-2003-16

Defining Better Monopolization Standards
Einer Elhauge | RPP-2003-14