Regulatory Instrument Choice

Regulatory Instrument Choice

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Do People Like Nudges?
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2015-14

Does Active Choosing Promote Green Energy Use? Experimental Evidence
Simon Hedlin and Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2015-13

Regulation as Delegation
Oren Bar-Gill and Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2015-11

Regulating Internalities
Hunt Allcott and Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2015-10

Supply Chain Screening Without Certification: The Critical Role of Stakeholder Pressure
Susan A. Kayser, John W. Maxwell, and Michael W. Toffel | RPP-2014-23

Performance Track's Postmortem: Lessons from the Rise and Fall of EPA's "Flagship" Voluntary Program
Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2014-12

Nudges vs. Shoves
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2014-09

The Law of "Not Now"
Cass R. Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule | RPP-2013-22

The Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Behavioral Interventions: Experimental Evidence from Energy Conservation
Hunt Allcott and Todd Rogers | RPP-2013-06

Impersonal Default Rules vs. Active Choices vs. Personalized Default Rules: A Triptych
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2012-17

How Firms Respond to Mandatory Information Disclosure
Anil R. Doshi, Glen W. S. Dowell, and Michael W. Toffel | RPP-2012-15

Addressing Catastrophic Risks: Disparate Anatomies Require Tailored Therapies
W. Kip Viscusi and Richard Zeckhauser | RPP-2011-11

Corporate Social Responsibility through an Economic Lens
Forest L. Reinhardt, Robert N. Stavins, and Richard H. K. Vietor | RPP-2008-04

Crossing the Line: The Effect of Cross Border Cigarette Sales on State Excise Tax Revenues
Lesley Chious and Erich Muehlegger | RPP-2008-02

Business Ethics: The Law of Rules
Michael L. Michael | RPP-2006-03

Signaling Social Responsibility: On the Law and Economics of Market Incentives for Corporate Environmental Performance
Jason Scott Johnston | RPP-2006-01

Seeking Truth for Power: Informational Strategy and Regulatory Policy Making
Cary Coglianese, Richard Zeckhauser and Edward Parson | RPP-2004-07

Principles for Cigarette Taxation in Africa
W. Kip Viscusi | RPP-2003-19

Management-Based Regulation: Prescribing Private Management to Achieve Public Goals
Cary Coglianese and David Lazer | RPP-2003-08

Empirical Analysis and Administrative Law
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2002-10

Using Net Benefit Accounts To Discipline Agencies: A Thought Experiment
Eric A. Posner | RPP-2002-01

Antitrust Intent
Ronald Cass and Keith Hylton | RPP-2001-12

Management-Based Regulatory Strategies
Cary Coglianese and David Lazer | RPP-2001-09

Assessing the Advocacy of Negotiated Rulemaking: A Response to Philip Harter
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2001-08

The Convergence of Rules and Standards
Frederick Schauer | RPP-2001-07

Information as Risk Regulation: Lessons from Experience
Mary Graham | RPP-2001-04