Faculty Grants

2011 Awards

Throwing the Baby out with the Drinking Water: Unintended Consequences of Arsenic Testing in Bangladesh
Erica Field

Climate Change Policy as Sustainable Development:  Putting The Copenhagen Accord into Action by Giving Developing Countries Emission Targets that won’t Derail Growth
Jeffrey Frankel and Valentina Bosetti

New Directions: The Philosophy of Sustainability Science
Mathias Risse

2010 Awards

Internalizing Agricultural Externalities: Incentives, Information and Environmental Impacts
Nava Ashraf

Climate Change Policy as Sustainable Development:  Putting the Copenhagen Accord into Action by Giving Developing Countries Emission Targets that Won't Derail Growth
Jeffrey FrankelValentina Bosetti

The Effect of Air Pollution on Labor Supply
Rema HannaPaulina Oliva

Farming the Ogallala Aquifer: Short and Long-run Impacts of Unsustainable Water-use
Richard HornbeckPinar Keskin

Enhancing the Resilience of Subsistence Farming to Drought: Crop Diversification in the former Transkei, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Noel Michele Holbrook

Going Green: Low Carbon Growth Strategies for Africa
Calestous Juma

The impact of Rainfall Shocks on Cooperation and Productivity in Contract Farming: Evidence from Kenya
Michael KremerSendhil Mullainathan

Sustainability of the Amazonian Hydrologic Cycle with the Expansion of Agriculture and Changing Climate
Paul MoorcroftSteve WofsyJohn Briscoe

Improving Gujarat's industrial pollution inspection standards
Rohini Pande

2009 Awards

Creating a conservation ethic: The effect of education, incentives and enforcement on the formation of social norms
Nava Ashraf

Population-based environmental health surveillance: a pilot study in The Gambia
Majid EzzatiMarcia CastroDr. Stephen Howie

The influence of wellwater arsenic on marriage and child health outcomes in Bangladesh
Erica Field

The Kenya Small Scale Cash Crop Longitudinal Study: Understanding the Impact of Environmental Stress on Agricultural Dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa
Michael KremerSendhil Mullainathan

Improving Gujarat’s industrial pollution inspection standards
Rohini PandeEsther DufloMichael Greenstone

2008 Awards

Allocation of Incentive Contracts for Environmental Service Provision in Agricultural Landscapes
Christopher Avery

Climate Change Policy as Sustainable Development
Jeffrey Frankel

Sustainable Growth: Evidence from Two Field Studies in India
Rohini Pande

2007 Awards

No margin, No mission? Evaluating the Role of Incentives in the Distribution of Public Goods
Nava Ashraf

The Role of Small-scale Energy Use in Local Air Pollution Patterns in Accra, Ghana
Majid EzzatiJohn SpenglerMatt Welsh

Measuring Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Quality at the Source
Michael Kremer

Encouraging Take-Up of Point of Use Water Treatment Products
Sendhil Mullainathan

2006 Awards

Integrating Knowledge and Policy for the Management of Natural Resources
William Clark

Evaluating the Impact of Rural Water Interventions
Michael Kremer


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