Natural Resources

Natural Resources (Boundary Organizations Project)

Multiple strands of our own research and that of others suggested that one key factor determining the outcomes of efforts to link knowledge with action was how people and organizations handled the interface between them. Our project "Boundary Organizations for Integrating Knowledge and Action in International Development" analyzed how the choice of institutions for conducting such "boundary work" influences knowledge production and its impacts. In particular, the project sought to apply, evaluate and extend existing scholarly findings on boundary organizations as institutional means for facilitating the collaboration among researchers and users in the production of knowledge for natural resource management in the developing world. Led by Bill Clark (Harvard), the project engaged Tom Tomich (UC Davis), David Guston (Arizona State) and Meine van Noordwijk (the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), Southeast Asia Programme), as well as Robin Reid (Colorado) and collaborators from the International Livestock Research Institute.