Private and Public Science, Academic, and Consumer Food Policy Group (PAPSAC) (1993-present)

The Private and Public, Scientific, Academic, and Consumer Food Policy Group (PAPSAC), moderated by Professor Ray Goldberg, is a university wide seminar to broaden communication among farmers, business leaders, scientists, public policy leaders, academics, not for profits, and consumer activists on topics of mutual concern to participants of the global food system and the society that it serves. The Group meets annually at Harvard, involving participants from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Kennedy School of Government, the Law School, the Medical School, the Business School, and the School of Public Health. Some of the topics discussed include: global agricultural research; food policy; nutrition; agricultural technology; food safety; and the environmental impacts of agriculture. PAPSAC attendance is by invitation only. Discussions at the seminar are held off the record and each person speaks for themselves and not their government agency, academic institution, business, labor entity, not for profit foundation, or global institution.