Clean Water, Human Health and Sustainable Development (2008-2012, updates here)


The project's core support is provided by Harvard's Center for International Development and a generous gift from the Italy's Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. The project is also having a major policy impact and has leveraged additional resources. In particular, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided a grant for the scale up of the dispenser project to Innovations for Poverty Action. They are exploring the possibility of including chlorine dispensers in health impact trials in Kenya and in Bangladesh. A technical panel at USAID recommended support for a $5M dispenser scale up proposal. Multiple ministries within the Kenyan government have funded installation of dispensers, including local governments, the Ministry of Education and Water Services Boards. NGOs have been piloting the approach in Bangladesh, Swaziland, and Haiti.

Sustainability Science Program, Center for International Development at Harvard University

Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea of Italy

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Water Sanitation and Hygiene Program

International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

Kenya’s Ministry for Public Health and Sanitation

Kenya’s Ministry of Education