Conferences and Workshops


Water, Pollution and the Environment
27 October 2007, Northeast Universities Development Consortium, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Sustainability Science at Harvard: A Celebration, sponsored by the Sustainability Science Program.
21 September 2007, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Agenda.

Boundary Objects and Agents: Linking Knowledge to Action in Agroforestry Watersheds
26-29 July 2007, Malang, Batu, and Kali Konto, Indonesia.

The Impact of the Global Water Crisis on Health and Human Development, Symposium sponsored by The International Science and Health Network, in collaboration with Harvard, Integrated Life Sciences, Harvard Initiative for Global Health, and the Center for International Development
11 May, 2007, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Speaker list.

Workshop on the Future Implications of a Global Biofuels Market for Economic Development, Environment and Trade
9 May 2007, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Closing the Knowledge-Action Gap in Global Health: Lessons from Malaria, Panel session at the conference, The Looming Crises: Can We Act in Time?
4 May 2007, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Grand Challenges of Sustainability Science
17 February 2007, AAAS Annual Meeting Symposium, San Francisco, CA.