Sustainability Science at Harvard: A Celebration

21 September 2007

This day-long session is intended to celebrate the growing body of sustainability science research and innovation being conducted at Harvard. In particular, it seeks to provide a university-wide forum for faculty and students engaged in such work to learn of one anothers’ plans and activities. The celebration is hosted by the Sustainability Science Program at the Harvard’s Center for International Development. We have organized the day around panel discussions focused on some of the grand challenges of sustainability in which Harvard faculty and fellows are conducting research. These include meeting needs for water, energy, health, and natural resources, plus improving performance on the cross-cutting challenges of linking knowledge with action and devising effective governance mechanisms to promote sustainability. We will close with a reception celebrating Harvard’s new Giorgio Ruffolo Fellowships in Sustainability Science.

Agenda and slide presentations

Speakers' Biographies

Interviews with Giorgio Ruffolo, Corrado Clini, Gloria Visconti, and Empedocle Maffia