Giorgio Ruffolo Fellowship in Sustainability Science

The Giorgio Ruffolo Fellowships in Sustainability Science (2007-2016) honored the legacy of Giorgio Ruffolo, Italy's first Minister of the Environment (1987-92). Mr. Ruffolo worked to build Italian and European Union environmental programs and, through his charismatic leadership, encouraged many young Italians to pursue environmental careers. Designed to strengthen international networks and capacity in the field of sustainability science, the fellowships enabled doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, and mid-career professionals to spend time as Visiting Fellows at the Harvard Kennedy School, with preference given to citizens of Italy or developing countries. The Ruffolo Fellowships, established in 2007, were a component of a gift provided by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land, and Sea to create a Fund for Sustainable Development at Harvard. For more information on past fellowship recipients, click here.