HKS Masters degree fellowships

The Empedocle Maffia Fellowship

The Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea in conjunction with Harvard's Kennedy School of Government established a fellowship from 2007 through 2017 to support one Mid-Career Master in Public Administration student and one student in any of HKS's two-year degree programs. This fellowship provided tuition and fees support and an annual stipend for living expenses for incoming admitted Italian citizens who already had practical experience working on international environment and development policy issues and who intended to pursue careers in environment and development after graduation from the Kennedy School of Government. This fellowship was established to honor the legacy of Empedocle Maffia, a distinguished Italian, who held positions in academia, the public sector, and journalism. Applications are no longer accepted for the Empedocle Maffia Fellowship. An overview of the admissions process for the masters degree programs is at For information on past Empedocle Maffia fellowship recipients, click here.

Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard University offer international student scholarships and fellowships (most are region/country specific, including the Maffia Fellowship) and as well as American student scholarships and fellowships. In order to be considered for these restricted scholarships, eligible candidates should complete the online Statement of Financial Resources through MYFAID. For more information about MYFAID and financial assistance, refer to Applying for Financial Assistance.