M-RCBG Associate Working Paper Reference No. 109

Conducting Benefit-Cost Analysis in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Introduction to the Special Issue

Lisa A. Robinson, James K. Hammitt, Dean T. Jamison, and Damian G. Walker 



Investing in global health and development requires making difficult choices about what policies to pursue and what level of resources to devote to different initiatives. Methods of economic evaluation are well established and widely used to quantify and compare the impacts of alternative investments. However, if not well conducted and clearly reported, these evaluations can lead to erroneous conclusions. Differences in analytic methods and assumptions can obscure important differences in impacts. To increase the comparability of these evaluations, improve their quality, and expand their use, this special issue includes a series of papers developed to support reference case guidance for benefit-cost analysis. In this introductory article, we discuss the background and context for this work, summarize the process we are following, describe the overall framework, and introduce the articles that follow.

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