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Professor of the Practice of Public Policy, HKS; Professor of the Practice of Economics, FAS


April 9, 2024, Video: "The Peterson Institute for International Economics presents its spring 2024 semiannual Global Economic Prospects outlook for the US and global economies, including presentations on China's fiscal policy and the performance of the international monetary system. Karen Dynan, nonresident senior fellow, discusses the economic outlook for the US and global economies. As inflation recedes around the world, countries are experiencing very different growth patterns. Dynan explores those differences and highlights reasons why US growth has exceeded expectations. Tianlei Huang, research fellow and China program coordinator, discusses China's fiscal policy amid the property crisis. Beijing is now counting on a fiscal boost to achieve the ambitious growth target of around 5 percent this year. Huang explores the constraints faced by China's local governments that will likely make the intended fiscal boost fall short. Maurice Obstfeld, C. Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow, explores the performance of the international monetary system after a half century of floating exchange rates. He discusses prospects for the US dollar's central global role amid ongoing central bank disinflation efforts and geopolitical tensions. PIIE president Adam S. Posen introduces the event and moderates questions after the presentations.