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February 15, 2024, Video: "New research into small business pandemic stimulus programs continues to yield interesting insights. At this event, panelists will debate the good and bad in the design of programs, such as the Paycheck Protection Program, Employee Retention Tax Credit and other small business supports, and their interaction with employee supports such as unemployment insurance expansions. We will discuss the international experience with such programs during COVID-19, and continuing concerns around fraud and waste arising from the misuse of certain programs due to program generosity. Panelists included: David Autor, Ford Professor of Economics, MIT; Jacob Mortenson, economist, Joint Committee on Taxation; Giulia Giupponi, Assistant Professor of Public Economics, Bocconi University (virtual); and Ruth Simon, senior special writer, Wall Street Journal (virtual). This event was moderated by former ​​M-RCBG Senior Fellow Aparna Mathur​."