Study Groups


The M-RCBG Senior Fellows listed below are offering study groups this spring. More will be added throughout the semester.

(1) Ole Gunnar Austvik: Europe and the Geopolitics of Energy

(2) Jo Ann Barefoot: Regulation Innovation: Protecting Consumers Through Technology & Trust

(3) Ray Fisher: Policy Responses to the Global Financial Crisis

(4) Stanley Marcuss: Urban Revitalization

(5) Peter Sands: Topics in International Financial Regulation and Policy

(6) Paul Verdin: "Creating and Capturing Value" for Nonprofits

(7) Simon Winter: Addressing Climate Risks in Developing Country Food Systems: Exploring Solutions

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M-RCBG Senior Fellow Vikram Mansharamani leads a session of his study group on Blowing Bubbles: How Investors, Regulators, and the Press Reinforce Exuberance

M-RCBG Senior Fellow Binta Niambi Brown shares the stage with Felipe Calderón at the student-organized “Davos Debrief” on January 31, 2014.