M-RCBG Senior Fellows are distinguished professionals from government and/or business who come to HKS to address issues at the interface of the public and private sectors: regulation, corporate governance, and the role of government in the changing global economy. Senior Fellows strengthen the connection between theory and practice, offering both faculty and students insights to the nature of social problems and their most practical solutions.

In addition to undertaking independent research projects that culminate in a journal article or book, Senior Fellows lead Study Groups for HKS students.

Study Groups are in-person discussion sessions, governed by the Chatham House Rule.

Additional Study Groups led by 2023-24 Senior Fellows will be posted below as they are announced. To view previously offered study groups, please see the study group archive.

For further information, please contact susan_gill@hks.harvard.edu

Eric Evans 
A Primer on U.S. Health Insurance: Public/Private with guest speaker Edward Berger (January 30) 

Is the grass really greener up north? The U.S. and Canadian healthcare with guest speaker David Klein (February 26)

Brazil: the eternal "land of the future" with guest Zelia Cardoso de Mello de Paola (April 17)

Stephen Gibson
Assessing the impacts of primary and secondary legislation – a Real Options approach to rules for making rules (February 8)

Evaluating government regulations – why it should be done, why it isn’t done and how to get it done (February 20)

Valuing Life: How should Government and agencies value reductions in the risk of death when making policy choices? with guest speaker Lisa Robinson (April 11)

David Grigorian
 Post-COVID Debt Relief for Indebted Countries: Why Hasn’t It Worked So Far? with guest speaker Gregory Makoff (September 25)

Financial Stability Implications of a Sovereign Domestic Debt Restructuring: The Case of Jamaica (2010) with guest speakers Pamella McLaren and Gregory Makoff (April 18)

Augustin Jianu
Assessing the Benefits of AI Large Language Models in Policymaking (September 26)

Assessing Risks and Best Practices of AI Large Language Models in Policymaking (April 23)

Gregory Makoff
How Hedge Funds Play The Sovereign Debt Litigation Game (September 13)

Sovereign Debt in Africa (November 9)

Roshini Moodley Naidoo
 Innovation in Healthcare: Driving Equitable Health Outcomes in reimagined, rapidly changing Health Care Systems (October 11)

Innovation in Healthcare: Driving Equitable Health Outcomes in Practice (November 1)

Innovation in Healthcare: Driving Equitable Health Outcomes in Practice (November 15)

Value-Based Contracting in Health Care (March 5) 

George Nwangwu
Can Debt for Nature Swaps Ease Africa’s Climate Finance Problems? (April 22)

Climate Justice Backed Financing for Africa: A Case of too Many Unmet Promises (April 23)

Jumoke Oduwole
“The system” fights back: Driving Ports reforms until they stick! with guest Titilola Akindeinde (April 22)

GovTech: Stability in innovation - What is the impact of political transitions on public sector innovation? with guest Taiwo Ajetunmobi (April 23)

Chris Pilkerton 
A Modern Day Plan to Support Underserved Communities (April 3)

The Paycheck Protection Program and the Future of Small Business Support (April 4)

Matthew Vogel 
Inside the Abortion Pill Case: Should Judges Decide Which Medicines Are Safe? with guest Eva Temkin (April 1)

The Landscape of Cancer Treatment Innovation (April 25)

Archie Young:
Shining the Spotlight on Delivery of Climate Commitments with remote guest speaker Andrea Guerrero García (October 25)

Seizing the initiatives: how to accelerate climate action through coalitions beyond COPs (April 25)

Longmei ZhangRenminbi Usage in Cross-Border Payments: Regional Patterns and the Role of Swap Lines and Offshore Clearing Banks (September 27)

M-RCBG Study Groups are currently only open to HUID holders.

M-RCBG welcomes individuals with disabilities to participate in its programs. To request accommodations or ask questions about access provided, please email: mrcbg@hks.harvard.edu