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M-RCBG Senior Fellows are distinguished professionals from government and/or business who come to HKS to address issues at the interface of the public and private sectors: regulation, corporate governance, and the role of government in the changing global economy. Senior Fellows strengthen the connection between theory and practice, offering both faculty and students insights to the nature of social problems and their most practical solutions.

In addition to undertaking independent research projects that culminate in a journal article or book, Senior Fellows lead Study Groups for HKS students.

Study Groups led by 2019-20 Senior Fellows will be posted below as they are announced.

To view previously offered study groups, please see the study group archive.

Megan Greene:
The Eurozone's Japanification: between recession, unfinished business and a changing of the guard; with guest, Carsten Brzeski (November 4)
Help, my country is in trouble! Structural reforms, bailouts and sovereign debt crises; with guest George Papaconstantinou (November 13)
Women in Finance (November 21)
Fixing the Eurozone—Why Europe is Unstable and the Rest of the World Should Care; with guest Fabio Balboni (February 19)
Inequality: How do we measure it, what is happening and why do we care? (March 5)
CANCELLED Borrowing Credibility: Global Banks and Monetary Regimes; with guest, Jana Grittersová (March 13)

Jean Pierre Landau:
The Digitalization of Money (September 16)
What future for the International Monetary System? (September 18)
Should Central Banks Take Some Responsibility in Fighting Climate Change?  (December 5)

Tim Massad: The Future of Money?  Facebook's Libra and Central Bank Digital Currencies (November 19)

Ioana PetrescuEating the Seed Corn: What Romanian private pensions can teach us about populism and lack of transparency (September 27)

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What Do We Know So Far? with guest speaker Aparna Mathur (January 30)

Alexandra Schweitzer
Perspectives on Social Determinants of Health
-Session 1: SDOH and Primary Care (September 25)
-Session 2:  Successful Housing and Health Integration:  The Right Care, Right Place, Right Time (R3) Model (February 5)

Alleviating the Social Drivers of Health During the COVID-19 Crisis:  Lessons from Leading SDOH Partnerships (Webinar,  June 17)

Paul Sheard
MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) – What Is It and Can It Help? (September 24)
Bank of Japan: Pioneer of “Unconventional Monetary Policy” – and Still Trailblazing (October 30)
The Fed and the 2008 Financial Crisis: What the FOMC Transcripts Reveal (November 8)
Making Sense of Economic Policy Debates: Some Basic Concepts  (February 12)
Abenomics: Explaining It, Assessing It, and Telling the Untold Story (March 3)

Wake Smith:
Pathways to Solar Geoengineering Deployment 
-Session 1: A vision of the world on the threshold of solar geoengineering deployment (September 26)
-Session 2: Things to fear if we geoengineer (and things not to) (October 17)
Why Geoengineering is Inevitable (February 6)

Registration is not necessary and all are welcome to attend. For further information, please contact susan_gill@hks.harvard.edu