Study Group Archive

Esko Aho: Rethinking Government: Not Bigger or Smaller but Smarter (Spring 2013); Reframing Government for the 21stCentury (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014)

Ajmal AhmadyAfghanistan: What Happened & How to Engage the Taliban : Session 1: Economic Management in a Crisis Environment (October 13, 2021); Session 2:  Internal Dynamics in Afghanistan (October 20, 2021); Session 3:  External Interests Affecting Afghanistan (October 27, 2021); Session 4: Impact of  a Taliban Regime on Women and Minorities (Tuesday, November 2, 2021)

Marlene AmstadChina’s Financial System – similarities and differences to the Western markets with guest speaker Darrell Duffie (Fall 2021); Trade Sentiment and the Stock Market: New Evidence Based on Big Data Textual Analysis of Chinese Media (Spring 2022)

Barbara Anthony: Beyond Obamacare:  New Lessons from Massachusetts in a Federalist Tradition (Spring 2015)

Rabah Arezki: Rethinking the Oil Market in the Aftermath of the Price Slump (Spring 2018); A New Economy for the Middle East and North Africa (October 10, 2018); Rethinking the Macroeconomics of Resource Rich Countries (October 11, 2018); Global Reform Cycles (October 12, 2018)

Ole Gunnar Austvik: Europe and the Geopolitics of Energy (Fall 2015); Europe and the Geopolitics of Energy (Spring 2016)

Todd Baker: Escaping the High Cost Lending Trap—Exploring FinTech Alternatives to Borrowing for Low-Income Working Americans (Spring 2017); Lending--the Answer or the Problem for Low-Income Americans? (Fall 2016);  Can Venture Capital and FinTech Improve the Lives of Low-Income Working Americans? (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)

Ed Balls: Making Progressive Economic Policy in the 21st Century (Fall 2015); Making Progressive Economic Policy in the 21st Century (Spring 2017)

Richard Balzer: Exploring Leadership and Personal Impact (Fall 2013); Coaching: A Platform for Excellence (Spring 2014)

Jo Ann Barefoot: Regulation Innovation: Protecting Consumers Through Technology & Trust (Fall 2015); Regulation Innovation: Protecting Consumers Through Technology & Trust (Spring 2016); Regulation Innovation: Protecting Consumers Through Technology & Trust (Fall 2016); Regulation Innovation: Protecting Consumers Through Technology & Trust (Spring 2017)

Binta Niambi BrownPrivate Solutions to Public Problems: The Changing Nature of Capitalism and the Role of Business in Creating Social Value (Spring 2015)

Edoardo Campanella: Study group: Reconceiving Capitalism in a Post-Pandemic World: Towards a New Global Order: Is a capitalist peace between China and the US possible? (November 10)

Camilla Cavendish: The Eleventh Hour: Will Brexit Be Reversed? (Spring 2018);  The Challenges of an Ageing Society (Spring 2018); Living Better For Longer (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

George ChouliarakisThe Day after the Pandemic: Public Debt and Economic Recovery in Emerging Market and Low Income Countries (April 13, 2021);  Sovereign Debt: Past, Present, and Future Risks (cohosted with M-RCBG Senior Fellow Megan Greene) Session #1: Overview of sovereign debt crisis; Session #2: Case study 1: The Greek debt crisis 2010-18; Session #3: Case study 2: The long Argentine crisis  (Spring 2021); Sovereign Debt Crises in the 1980s: Lessons for Today, with Edwin Truman (February 23, 2022); The Return of Inflation (March 31, 2022)

Tim Christian: The Global Interface of Medicine, Business and Government (Fall 2011); The Global Interface of Medicine, Business, and Government (Spring 2013)

John DeVillars: Get Out in Front of the Mob and Call it a Parade: What Electric Utility Executives and Those Who Regulate Them Can Do To Accelerate Adoption of Clean Energy (Fall 2016); Get Out in Front of the Mob and Call it a Parade: What Electric Utility Executives and Those Who Regulate Them Can Do To Accelerate Adoption of Clean Energy (Spring 2017)

Mark Fagan and John Foote: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Bikes): Current Issues in Transportation Policy (Fall 2012)

Ray Fisher: Policy Responses to the Global Financial Crisis (Spring 2016)

Justin Fox: Thinking about the Future (Spring 2014)

Connie FriesenChinese Banks, Alibaba and the High Stakes of Cross-Border Investments Between the United States and China with guest  Martin Chorzempa (March 23, 2022)

Jeffrey FuhrerThe Fed’s Monetary Policy Framework Evaluation in the wake of COVID-19: New Framework Elements, and ad hoc Fiscal-Monetary Coordination (Fall 2020); Inequality of Economic Opportunity (Spring 2021); The Broken Economy: The Role of Narratives  (March 3, 2022)

Eoin Gahan: The Changing Landscape of Trade Agreements (Spring 2014 and Spring 2015)

Phillip C. Gildan: Anatomy of a Public-Private Partnership (P3) (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)

Elizabeth Golberg: Better Regulation in the European Union: Boon or Boondoggle? (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018); Regulatory Cooperation – A Reality Check (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

Deborah Gordon: Attention Shoppers: Unleashing Consumer Power to Improve U.S. Health Care (Fall 2017); The Changing Role of Consumers in Health Care Purchasing: Medical Perspectives (October 15, 2018); Health Reform: Where We Need to Go and How Women Can Get Us There (November 9, 2018); Making Health Care Costs Predictable: Tackling price transparency  (March 26, 2019); Health-Wealth: Is Healthcare Bankrupting America? (May 1, 2019)

Megan GreeneThe Eurozone's Japanification: between recession, unfinished business and a changing of the guard; with guest, Carsten Brzeski (November 4, 2019); Help, my country is in trouble! Structural reforms, bailouts and sovereign debt crises; with guest George Papaconstantinou (November 13, 2019): Women in Finance (November 21, 2019): Fixing the Eurozone—Why Europe is Unstable and the Rest of the World Should Care; with guest Fabio Balboni (February 19, 2020); Inequality: How do we measure it, what is happening and why do we care? (March 5, 2020);  It's still the economy, stupid: what can we expect from Trumponomics vs Bidenomics? (November 2, 2021); Who cares about GDP? (November 9, 2021); Dual Interest Rates: Monetary Rocket Fuel with guest speaker Eric Lonergan (November 17, 2020);  Sovereign Debt: Past, Present, and Future Risks (cohosted with M-RCBG Senior Fellow Megan Greene) Session #1: Overview of sovereign debt crisis; Session #2: Case study 1: The Greek debt crisis 2010-18; Session #3: Case study 2: The long Argentine crisis  (Spring 2021); Green Mortgages and the Net Zero Transformation ( December 1, 2021); Sovereign Debt Crises: current risks and potential solutions, with Lee Buchheit; cosponsored by Chatham House (March 2, 2022)

Michal Halperin: Network Effects of Digital Platforms and How Should We Regulate Them - A Case Study (March 1, 2022); Should We Block All Acquisitions by Google, Facebook and Microsoft? Lessons Learned from 400 Transactions in the Past Decade (March 22, 2022)

Regina Herzlinger and Rifat AtunFixing Obamacare (Fall 2014)

Sajid JavidThe Race for a Vaccine, with guest speaker Kate Bingham (September 29, 2020); The Economics of Biodiversity: a discussion of the findings of the landmark Dasgupta Review, with guest speaker Partha Dasgupta (March 19, 2021)

Jo JohnsonChina's influence on UK universities: risk vs reward (March 11, 2021); Global Science Collaborations: Promise and Politics (April 22, 2022) 

Steve Johnson: Speech and the Internet (April 11, 2019); Protecting Speech on the Internet: Regulating Communication in the Digital Age (April 30, 2019)

Lewis B. Kaden:  Rebuilding the American Dream: The Markle Task Force on Jobs, Opportunity, and Economic Security (Spring 2015); America's Moment: Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age (Fall 2015)

Farrukh Khan: Sustainable Development Financing and Investment Options and Tools to Implement National Climate Actions Plans (Spring 2017)

Ranch Kimball:  Marijuana Legalization: Economic and Regulatory Case Studies of 3 states (April 5, 2021); Service, not Subsidies: How Government can help create jobs  (April 12, 2021)

Mark Kramer: Creating Shared Value: Concept and Applications ( Fall 2011)

Jean-Pierre Landau: Is there a risk of a new global financial crisis? (November 28, 2018); Cryptocurrencies--after the bubble (November 29, 2018); The Euro at 20; with guest speaker Adrien Abecassis (January 31, 2019); Central Banks and the Global Financial Safety Net (February 5, 2019); What is at Stake in the Next European Parliament Elections? With guest speaker Adrien Abecassis (February 6, 2019); The Digitalization of Money (September 16, 2019); What future for the International Monetary System? (September 18, 2019); Should Central Banks Take Some Responsibility in Fighting Climate Change?  (December 5, 2019)

Philippe Le Corre: China’s Eurasian geoeconomic plan: how much does it extend the country’s political influence? (Fall 2017); Is China perceived as a leader? Case studies from Europe (October 18, 2018)

Dennis Lockhart: Renewing America’s infrastructure: a comprehensive examination of policy options and implications (Fall 2017)

Nick Lovegrove: The Call for Tri-Sector Leadership (Spring 2013)

Marshall Lux: The Unintended Consequences of Dodd-Frank: How Laws Get Arbitraged (Spring 2015)

Larry MakovichReframing climate policy approaches in the electric power sector; (Fall 2015)Reframing Climate Policy Approaches in the Electric Power Sector (Fall 2016)Reframing Climate Policy Approaches in the Electric Power Sector (Spring 2017)

Vikram Mansharamani: Blowing Bubbles: How Investors, Regulators, and the Press Reinforce Exuberance (Spring 2014)

Stanley MarcussUrban Revitalization (Fall 2015); Urban Revitalization (Spring 2016)

Aparna Mathur: Evaluating the pandemic safety net response, with guest Elaine Maag (November 16, 2021); Is the US Social Safety Net Delivering On Its Promise? Lessons from COVID-19 and Before  (February 17, 2022)

Tim Massad: Dostoevsky v. Dimon: Crime and Punishment in the Financial Crisis (Spring 2018); Regulation of Bitcoin and Other Cryptoassets: What should we do? (October 11, 2018); A Crash Course on the Crash--The Key Things You Need to Know About the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (October 30, 2018); The Future of Money?  Facebook's Libra and Central Bank Digital Currencies (November 19, 2019)

Patrick OkigboPOWER TO THE PEOPLE: Can technology innovations deliver improved voting outcomes? (April 28, 2021)

Uche Ewelukwa OfodileESG Challenges, Corporate Wrongs and Corporate Accountability: Debating Emerging Legal, Policy and Regulatory Frameworks  (April 21, 2022)

Ioana PetrescuEating the Seed Corn: What Romanian private pensions can teach us about populism and lack of transparency (September 27, 2019); The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What Do We Know So Far? with guest speaker Aparna Mathur (January 30, 2020); The Political Economy of Populism, with guest speaker Elias Papaioannou (October 26, 2020); The Political Economy of Climate Action: Does Democratic Maturity Explain the Environmental Policy Differences within the EU? with guest speaker Clara Volintiru (April 16, 2021); Corporate Sustainability: A Strategy? with guest speaker Ioannis Ioannou (November 29, 2021); Populism in Eastern Europe--New types of libertarian populism vs classic authoritarian populism: The Romanian case, with guest speaker Dan Sultanescu  (April 18, 2022);  Transnational Advocacy in the Digital Era, Think Global, Act Local, with Nina Hall  (April 19, 2022) 

Ndidi Nwuneli: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Africa (Spring 2015)

Euvin Naidoo: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Africa (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)

Scott Ratzan: Developing Multisectoral Action for Health and Social Impact – answering the call to action for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

Demian Reidel: Leaving Populism Behind: Lessons from Argentina 2015-19, with guest speaker Luciano Laspina, House of Representatives, Argentina (April 26, 2019)

Lisa A. Robinson: Benefit-Cost Analysis in the Real World: Assessing Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulations (Spring 2013); Benefit-Cost Analysis in the Real World: Tales from the Trenches (Spring 2014)

Omar Robles: U.S. Pharmaceutical Regulation: Understanding the Policy, Law and Economics:  Session 1: The Past, Present and Future of Drug Development, with guest Veronica Miller, via Zoom (October 19, 2021); Session 2: Regulating Drug Exclusivity in the Marketplace, with guest Ryan O'Quinn, via Zoom (October 21, 2021); Session 3:  Innovation, Competition, and "Pay-for-Delay" in Prescription Pharmaceuticals, with guest Bryan Gant, via Zoom (November 4, 2021) 

Christof RuehlThe Global Warming Potential Metric: Simple but Misleading, with guest speaker Robert Kleinberg (November 19, 2020);  A View From Saudi Arabia: Guide to the Circular Carbon Economy, with guest speaker Adam Sieminski (November 30, 2020); Fig Leaf or Force for Good? IOCs and the energy transition, with Dev Sanyal, (February 3, 2021)

Eric SalamaData Privacy - from the legal to the ethical? with guest speaker Jamie Bernard (October 29, 2020); Is regulation the best way to drive change in the relationship between big data companies and citizens? with guest speaker Tom Wheeler (February 12, 2021); UK Government Policy towards social media platforms and lessons for the US  with guest speaker Oliver Dowden (April 20, 2021)

Peter Sands: Topics in International Financial Regulation and Policy (Fall 2015); Topics in International Financial Regulation and Policy (Spring 2016): Topics in International Financial Regulation and Policy (Fall 2016): The Neglected Dimension of Global Security: Financing Pandemic Preparedness and Response (Fall 2016); Topics in International Financial Regulation and Policy (Spring 2017)

Alexandra Schweitzer
Perspectives on Social Determinants of Health, Session 1: SDOH and Primary Care (September 25, 2019);  Session 2:  Successful Housing and Health Integration:  The Right Care, Right Place, Right Time (R3) Model (February 5, 2020); Alleviating the Social Drivers of Health During the COVID-19 Crisis:  Lessons from Leading SDOH Partnerships (Webinar,  June 17, 2020); Health care / community-based organization partnerships to address social drivers of health (March 4, 2020); How Value Chain Thinking Strengthens Programs to Address Social Determinants of Health (April 27, 2021); Closing the loop:  Best practices for programs that address health-related social needs (November 15, 2021); How can listening to participants improve programs to address social needs? (April 18, 2022) 

James Segel: Saving the Financial System and Regulatory Reform (Spring 2014)

Paul Sheard: Quantitative Easing - Explaining It and Dispelling the Myths (Fall 2018); Credit Rating Agencies: What They Do and How They Do It (January 30, 2019); Revisiting the Standard Macroeconomic Policy Framework: Should Monetary and Fiscal Policy Be More Closely Coordinated? (February 28, 2019); Brexit and the Future of the EU: An Analytical Perspective (April 4, 2019); The “Trump” vs “Obama” Economy: What the Data Tell Us (May 2, 2019); MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) – What Is It and Can It Help? (September 24, 2019); Bank of Japan: Pioneer of “Unconventional Monetary Policy” – and Still Trailblazing (October 30, 2019); The Fed and the 2008 Financial Crisis: What the FOMC Transcripts Reveal (November 8, 2019): Making Sense of Economic Policy Debates: Some Basic Concepts  (February 12, 2020); Abenomics: Explaining It, Assessing It, and Telling the Untold Story (March 3, 2020)

Doug Shulman: Putting Public Policy into Action (Fall 2013)

Myriam Sidibe: Brands on a Mission - A New Contribution to Public Health (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

Chris Skidmore 
The Path to COP27 and Delivering on Net Zero in 2022 -- A discussion on the recent webinar by Kwasi Kwarteng (April 5, 2022); Net Zero Strategies and delivering against popular opposition and unknowable events (April 6, 2022) 

Christopher SmartThe Financial Education of the Eurozone (Fall 2016); The Looming Trans-Atlantic Battle: Regulating Data While Boosting Growth (Spring 2017);  Financing the Industrial Internet (Fall 2017)

Wake Smith: Pathways to Solar Geoengineering Deployment, Session 1: A vision of the world on the threshold of solar geoengineering deployment (September 26, 2019); Session 2: Things to fear if we geoengineer (and things not to) (October 17, 2019); Why Geoengineering is Inevitable (February 6, 2020); The National Security Implications of the Emergence of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Technologies from an American Perspective (April 9, 2021); Is Solar Geoengineering bound to be Unethical? (December 1, 2021) 

Philippe TordoirThe Potential Role of Natural Gas in Electricity Generation (April 2, 2020) The Path to Green Energy of a Major Utility with guest speaker Anne-Laure de Chammard (April 22, 2021)

Alan Trager: Public-Private Partnerships (Spring 2012)

Edwin (Ted) TrumanLessons from Crisis Management, with guest speaker Timothy F. Geithner  (April 7, 2021); The Return of the SDR: the future of the International Monetary Fund's Special Drawing Right (April 28, 2021); Future of the IMF's Special Drawing Right (September 21, 2021); Sovereign Debt Crises in the 1980s: Lessons for Today, with George Chouliarakis (February 23, 2022) 

Paul Verdin: Back to Basics: The Strategic Imperative of Creating and Capturing Value (Spring 2015); Creating and Capturing Value for Non-Profits (Fall 2015);  "Creating and Capturing Value" for Nonprofits (Spring 2016)

Antonio Weiss: Working For All?: A Clear-Eyed Discussion of the Role of Corporations in Our Economy, with Chief Justice Leo E. Strine Jr. and John Haigh (November 13, 2018); The Crisis in Puerto Rico (November 13, 2018)

Howard Wolk: Bigger, Better, Faster, Cheaper: An Overview of American Entrepreneurship (Fall 2013 and Fall 2014)

Simon Winter: Improving the food system in developing countries in a time of climate change (Fall 2015); Addressing Climate Risks in Developing Country Food Systems: Exploring Solutions (Spring 2016); Addressing complexity: smallholder farmers facing climate risks in sub-Saharan Africa (Fall 2016); Addressing complexity: smallholder farmers facing climate risks in sub-Saharan Africa (Spring 2017)

Longmei ZhangRenminbi Internationalization and a Multi-Polar International Monetary System (April 7, 2022)