Study Group Archive

Esko Aho: Rethinking Government: Not Bigger or Smaller but Smarter(Spring 2013); Reframing Government for the 21stCentury (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014)

Barbara Anthony: Beyond Obamacare:  New Lessons from Massachusetts in a Federalist Tradition (Spring 2015)

Ole Gunnar Austvik: Europe and the Geopolitics of Energy (Fall 2015); Europe and the Geopolitics of Energy (Spring 2016)

Ed Balls: Making Progressive Economic Policy in the 21st Century (Fall 2015)

Todd BakerLending--the Answer or the Problem for Low-Income Americans? (Fall 2016)

Richard Balzer: Exploring Leadership and Personal Impact (Fall 2013); Coaching: A Platform for Excellence (Spring 2014)

Jo Ann Barefoot: Regulation Innovation: Protecting Consumers Through Technology & Trust (Fall 2015); Regulation Innovation: Protecting Consumers Through Technology & Trust (Spring 2016); Regulation Innovation: Protecting Consumers Through Technology & Trust (Fall 2016)

Binta Niambi BrownPrivate Solutions to Public Problems: The Changing Nature of Capitalism and the Role of Business in Creating Social Value (Spring 2015)

Tim Christian: The Global Interface of Medicine, Business and Government (Fall 2011); The Global Interface of Medicine, Business, and Government (Spring 2013)

John DeVillars: Get Out in Front of the Mob and Call it a Parade: What Electric Utility Executives and Those Who Regulate Them Can Do To Accelerate Adoption of Clean Energy

Mark Fagan and John Foote: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Bikes): Current Issues in Transportation Policy (Fall 2012)

Ray Fisher: Policy Responses to the Global Financial Crisis (spring 2016)

Justin Fox: Thinking about the Future (Spring 2014)

Eoin Gahan: The Changing Landscape of Trade Agreements (Spring 2014 and Spring 2015)

Regina Herzlinger and Rifat AtunFixing Obamacare (Fall 2014)

Lewis B. Kaden:  Rebuilding the American Dream: The Markle Task Force on Jobs, Opportunity, and Economic Security (Spring 2015); America's Moment: Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age (Fall 2015)

Mark Kramer: Creating Shared Value: Concept and Applications ( Fall 2011)

Nick Lovegrove: The Call for Tri-Sector Leadership (Spring 2013)

Marshall Lux: The Unintended Consequences of Dodd-Frank: How Laws Get Arbitraged (Spring 2015)

Larry MakovichReframing climate policy approaches in the electric power sector (Fall 2015); Reframing Climate Policy Approaches in the Electric Power Sector (Fall 2016);

Vikram Mansharamani: Blowing Bubbles: How Investors, Regulators, and the Press Reinforce Exuberance (Spring 2014)

Stanley MarcussUrban Revitalization (Fall 2015); Urban Revitalization (Spring 2016)

Ndidi Nwuneli: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Africa (Spring 2015)

Lisa A. Robinson: Benefit-Cost Analysis in the Real World: Assessing Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulations (Spring 2013); Benefit-Cost Analysis in the Real World: Tales from the Trenches(Spring 2014)

Peter Sands: Topics in International Financial Regulation and Policy (Fall 2015); Topics in International Financial Regulation and Policy (Spring 2016): Topics in International Financial Regulation and Policy (Fall 2016): The Neglected Dimension of Global Security: Financing Pandemic Preparedness and Response (Fall 2016)

James Segel: Saving the Financial System and Regulatory Reform(Spring 2014)

Doug Shulman: Putting Public Policy into Action( Fall 2013)

Christopher SmartThe Financial Education of the Eurozone (Fall 2016)

Alan Trager: Public-Private Partnerships (Spring 2012)

Paul Verdin: Back to Basics: The Strategic Imperative of Creating and Capturing Value (Spring 2015); Creating and Capturing Value for Non-Profits (Fall 2015);  "Creating and Capturing Value" for Nonprofits (Spring 2016)

Howard Wolk: Bigger, Better, Faster, Cheaper: An Overview of American Entrepreneurship (Fall 2013 and Fall 2014)

Simon Winter: Improving the food system in developing countries in a time of climate change (Fall 2015); Addressing Climate Risks in Developing Country Food Systems: Exploring Solutions (Spring 2016); Addressing complexity: smallholder farmers facing climate risks in sub-Saharan Africa (Fall 2016)

Richard Balzer's study group on Exploring Leadership and Personal Impact with guest Larry Lucchino, President of the Boston Red Sox (offered Fall 2013)