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M-RCBG Senior Fellows are distinguished professionals from government and/or business who come to HKS to address issues at the interface of the public and private sectors: regulation, corporate governance, and the role of government in the changing global economy. Senior Fellows strengthen the connection between theory and practice, offering both faculty and students insights to the nature of social problems and their most practical solutions.

In addition to undertaking independent research projects that culminate in a journal article or book, Senior Fellows lead Study Groups for HKS students.

Additional Study Groups led by 2020-21 Senior Fellows will be posted below as they are announced. To view previously offered study groups, please see the study group archive.

Spring 2021 Study Groups will take place as online meetings or webinars; registration links can be accessed by clicking on event titles below.

For further information, please contact susan_gill@hks.harvard.edu

Marlene Amstad:

George Chouliarakis:

Sovereign Debt: Past, Present, and Future Risks (cohosted with M-RCBG Senior Fellow Megan Greene)

     -Session #1: Overview of sovereign debt crisis  (February 9)

     -Session #2: Case study 1: The Greek debt crisis 2010-18  (February 11)

     -Session #3: Case study 2: The long Argentine crisis  (February 18)

The Day after the Pandemic: Public Debt and Economic Recovery in Emerging Market and Low Income Countries (April 13)

Jeffrey Fuhrer

Megan Greene:

Sajid Javid:

Jo JohnsonChina's influence on UK universities: risk vs reward (March 11) 

Ranch Kimball

Patrick OkigboPOWER TO THE PEOPLE: Can technology innovations deliver improved voting outcomes? (April 28)

Ioana Petrescu

Christof Ruehl:

Eric Salama

Alexandra Schweitzer

Wake SmithThe National Security Implications of the Emergence of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Technologies from an American Perspective (April 9)

Philippe Tordoir

Edwin (Ted) Truman