Redrawing the Lines: Accountability and Effectiveness in Increasingly Diverse Police Departments

November 18, 2009

Dick Lehr, Author of The Fence: A Police Cover-up Along Boston’s Racial Divide and Professor of Journalism, Boston University
andMalcolm Sparrow, Professor of Practice of Public Management and Faculty Chair of the Executive Program on Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies, Harvard Kennedy School and former Detective Chief Inspector, British Police Service
In the past year, officials examining problems in such locales as Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Maywood, California have all contended that their work was greatly hindered by a police "code of silence" in which officers refused to speak candidly about the misdeeds of their colleagues. How common is this problem and, more importantly, how can it be addressed in ways that do not undermine police officers' ability to do their job in effective and appropriate ways?
Cosponsored by the Taubman Center for State and Local Government, the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, and Harvard’s Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management