Cultivating a Healthy Connection to Nature

Originally published in The Boston Globe

June 22, 2011
John Luczkow, Jr. (Holliston, MA, Letter to the Editor)

In his June 16 Op-ed, "The locavore’s dilemma; Urban farms do more harm than good to the environment," Edward L. Glaeser deploys an impressive array of statistics to make his point that full-scale urban agriculture makes no sense. Crowding more people onto urban land instead, he argues, is better for the environment because higher population density leads to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Nonetheless, as beneficial to the carbon cycle as constructing taller buildings might be, there is a question about whether or not the people who live in such density, deprived of a connection to the soil and the source of their food supply, are not also deprived of their full well-being. A hay-ride and apple-picking jaunt in the country, while well and good, does not create a real understanding of the challenges, and joys, of growing food.
John Luczkow Jr.