How to Be Good at the Future

Originally published in The Boston Phoenix

January 12, 2011
By Chris Faraone (Reporter, The Boston Phoenix)

One of these days, when the Doc Brown and McFly jokes dry up, you'll have no choice but to start thinking seriously about the future. Not just tomorrow, and the day after, but the next several hundred years, since lifespans are on track to skyrocket.
The Greater Boston region, despite being one of the oldest 'hoods in America, is a terrific place to prep for 2020 and beyond. For one thing, the city facilitates a Citizens' Committee for Boston's Future— a think tank composed of experts from fields including the arts and life sciences, whose collective mission aims to attract and retain tech and business talent. Individuals are also empowered here; those who are technologically curious can stuff their calendars with any number of tomorrow-minded meet-ups, from the Boston Media Makers (free) and Boston Book Futurists (free) to the increasingly essential Mass Innovation Nights (free). Like Boston boy Paul Revere, locals are awakening folks to looming developments. Time to saddle up.
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