Governing Greater Boston:

Meeting the Needs of the Region's People

March 26, 2003
Edited by Charles C. Euchner (Executive Director, Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston)

At a time of historic budget deficits and growing human needs, policymaking poses enormous challenges to officials in Massachusetts and Greater Boston. Dozens of basic questions confront the state and region.

  • How can the structures of governance be improved to provide more efficient and effective policy?
  • How can civic leaders mobilize groups across the region to demand more of - and give more to - the public sector?
  • How does the region's growing diversity affect its ability to assimilate its people - and provide good services for all of them?
  • How does Greater Boston make the transition from welfare to a work-based assistance program - and reach people outside the world of work and training, especially children?
  • What strategies offer the best hope for improving public education?
  • How can the state and region offer better health care for more people at a time of historic industry inflation?
  • What are the causes of - and responses to - the fiscal crises of state and local governments?

The Governing Greater Boston Series offers a complete overview and analysis of these and other issues facing the state and region.

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