Citizens’ Committee on Boston’s Future Report

Presented to Boston City Councilor Michael Ross

December 15, 2010
Citizens' Committee on Boston's Future

Streamlining regulatory processes for everything from new development to food trucks, providing late-night weekend transit service, and increasing support for the arts, were among the ideas highlighted by Institute Director Edward Glaeser in his "chairman’s report" summarizing the work of the Citizens’ Committee on Boston’s Future, which was created last January by the Boston City Council. The Committee, which was appointed by City Council President Michael Ross, was charged with developing recommendations for the Council on "what Boston must do to compete effectively to be the best city in America." Among the other ideas highlighted in the final report were ending state control of liquor licensing in Boston, continuing efforts to use new technologies to improve city government, and increased support for urban farms that could serve as teaching tools and sources of green pleasures for residents of the city.