Ali Alhassani

2011 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2011

Graduate School:Harvard Medical School
Undergraduate School:Massachusetts Institute of Techonology
Areas of interest:Health Care Finance
Mentors:Phyllis Rappaport, Chair, Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport Foundation and Kaitlyn Kenney Walsh, Manager, Policy and Research, Commonwealth Housing Insurance Connector
Placement: Office of Senator Richard T. Moore
Supervisors:Kim Haddad, Legel Counsel and Shawn Collins, Chief of Staff
Project description: This summer Ali worked for State Senator Richard Moore, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing. The state is moving to pass significant legislation on provider payment reform, including the promotion of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) as a prominent delivery and payment system. Ali studied the new Medicare program being set up to similarly promote the formation of ACOs as well as private sector ACO models in order to help determine what an ACO system in the Commonwealth might look like. He also included in his research an analysis of the testimonies regarding setting up ACOs in the state from the broad spectrum of stakeholders in the health care sector.

The Rappaport Fellowship provided me with a rare opportunity to pursue my passion for health policy. The fellowship first put me in a position to consider several different government offices which were all contributing to health reform in significant but different ways. Once I picked an office to work for, the fellowship made sure I was in a position to get the most out my summer. Furthermore, I began to understand the public-private interaction that is policy through our scintillating weekly seminar series through which we explored a wide array of policy issues around the city of Boston. And perhaps most significantly, the people I met through the fellowship, including my co-fellows and my fellowship mentors were all supportive and inspiring in their ambition and dedication to public service.