Antoniya Owens

2009 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2009

Graduate Degree:Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate Degree:Mount Holyoke College
Areas of interest:Immigration Issues
Mentor:Mary Jo Meisner, The Boston Foundation
Agency:Masssachusetts Office of Refugees and Immigrants
Supervisors:Richard Chacón, Director and Samantha Schusterman, Chief of Staff
Project description:Antoniya spent her fellowship working for the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants, where she researched and wrote an extensive report about the state’s students with limited English proficiency(LEP). The report, which will be released later this fall, focuses on Massachusetts’ transition from bilingual education to sheltered English immersion as the primary model for educating limited English-proficient students. In particular, it examines the trends in enrollment of LEP students, their demographic characteristics, their school engagement outcomes, and their academic performance at the MCAS tests—in an attempt to evaluate how the policy change has influenced their performance at school relative to their English-proficient classmates.

Antoniya mentions "In a summer when hardly anybody was hiring, the Rappaport Fellowship enabled me to get so much more than just a summer job: It gave me the rare and valuable opportunity to work on a very interesting project, to learn what my agency does and how it fits within state government, to get to know my impressive fellow Rappaport Fellows, and to learn about Boston’s politics, history, and government from an array of field trips and talks with distinguished public officials."