Bijal Shah

2006 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2006
Bijal Shah Graduate Degree: Harvard Kennedy School/Yale University Law School
Undergraduate Degree: Brandeis University
Area of interest: Social services including homelessness and immigration
Agency: City of Boston's Emergency Shelter Commission
Supervisor: Jim Greene, Acting Director, Boston's Emergency Shelter Commission
Project Description: Bijal Shah worked at the City of Boston's Emergency Shelter Commission under the direction of James Greene, Acting Director. The mission of the Emergency Shelter Commission is to coordinate a safety net of services for Boston's homeless and for persons in need of food assistance. Bijal worked on the following three initiatives: 1) The development of a Homelessness Prevention Early Warning System 2) Examination of the social cost of the current welfare regulations that deem families categorically ineligible for shelter if they are evicted from subsidized housing. 3) Analysis of shelter eligibility reform, including (for example) the costs/benefits of excluding people from shelter (the "hidden homeless") versus eliminating barriers to shelter access.