Charles Brackett

2014 Radcliffe/Rappaport Doctoral Summer Fellow

May 27, 2014
  Graduate Degree: University of Massachusetts Boston
Undergraduate Degree:McGill University
Area of Interest: Criminal Justice Issues
Mentors:David Friedman, Boston Red Sox and Robey Champine, Tufts University
Agency:Mayor's Office, City of Boston
Supervisor:Patricia Boyle-McKenna, Director of Internships
Project Description: Between June and August 2014, Charlie will conduct extensive one-on-one interviews and workshops with employers and staffing firms to determine the sources of their criminal background checking policies and garner insights and recommendations for the Mayor on how to leverage city resources to improve ex-offender hiring outcomes. He will use data to analyze ex-offender performance in relation to a non-offender control group. The purpose of this project is twofold. First, to gain a better understanding of the sources of employer preferences in setting background check policies. Second, testing the effectiveness of a structured skills development program in improving ex-offender job performance. The data gathered from this project will help City officials understand how major employers in Boston can be induced to hire ex-offenders and show a path for future city investment in ex-offender integration.