Colleen Dawicki

2011 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2011

Graduate School:University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
Undergraduate School: Brown University
Areas of interest:Community and Economic Development
Mentors:Phil Puccia, Executive Director with J.P. Morgan Securities Tax Exempt Capital Markets and Benjamin Forman, Director of Research, MassINC
Placement:Office of Housing and Community Development, City of New Bedford
Supervisor:Patrick Sullivan, Director
Project description:As a Rappaport public policy fellow during the summer of 2011, Colleen worked with New Bedford's Office of Housing and Community Development to develop the foundation of a comprehensive revitalization strategy for one of the city's high-need, high-opportunity neighborhoods. Her efforts included familiarizing herself with the theory and practice of neighborhood revitalization, with an emphasis on investigating successful programs in other cities (and the way in which such efforts were funded). At the same time, she met with local stakeholders to understand the history of such efforts in New Bedford, along with existing assets and challenges that will inform a planning process going forward. The end result is a report that details her findings from both her internal and external research and includes a set of recommendations that the city can employ in order to make this strategy a reality. The report will be shared with both the City of New Bedford as well as the many stakeholders who participated in the process in order to encourage a collaborative planning process that is necessary for turning these ideas into action.

My time as a Rappaport fellow has been positively invaluable: not only have I learned an incredible amount about both neighborhood revitalization and the City of New Bedford, but I have also made some terrific connections with people who are passionately committed to improving outcomes for city neighborhoods and their residents. Thanks to the development of this network, people in the community have begun thinking of me as not just a graduate student, but as an emerging leader who shares their commitment and enthusiasm for urban issues.