Corey Kurtz

2007 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2007
Graduate Degree:Tufts University
Undergraduate Degree:Macalester College
Areas of interest:Immigration issues
Agency:Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General
Supervisors:Joanne Goldstein, Division Chief, Business and Labor Bureau and Jocelyn Jones, Deputy Division Chief, Business and Labor Bureau, Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General
Project description:Corey researched ways for the Fair Labor Division to collaborate most effectively with local immigrant organizations on public education and strategic enforcement. Her research included conversations with experts in the field about best practices in other states and interviews with over twenty members of the Fair Labor Division staff and the staff of community organizations about how to improve the effectiveness of interagency partnerships. Additionally, she looked at how the office could improve its services for immigrant workers, developing a protocol for communicating with witnesses during the course of a case, and drawing up a comprehensive plan for increasing language access and outreach to immigrant communities. Finally, she helped liaison between the Division and referring organizations, coordinating communication on specific cases, organizing a training for community organization staff, and aiding in the revision of the non-payment of wage complaint form.