Daniel Newberger

2004 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2004
Graduate Degree: Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate Degree:U. S. Naval Academy
Area of interest:Municipal government, budget and finance, economic development
Mentor:James B. King
Agency:SomerStat program, City of Somerville
Supervisor:Janice Delory, Chief of Staff, City of Somerville
Project Description:Daniel Newberger worked for the Mayor of Somerville, launching SomerStat, the city’s version of Baltimore’s CitiStat performance-management system. SomerStat is an accountability and assessment tool that gives the mayor’s leadership team unprecedented "real time" data in order to develop strategies to improve service delivery, efficiency, and overall performance in the city’s various departments. Mayor Joe Curtatone gave him, "an amazing amount of responsibility and autonomy to get the program rolling." Mr. Newberger appeared before the Board of Aldermen with the Mayor as he requested funding for the SomerStat department, and fielded questions from the Board. After 100 percent of the requested funding was secured, Mr. Newberger worked to post job descriptions, screen resumes, and interview applicants for the future SomerStat director and analyst positions. By summer’s end, the City had hired two extremely qualified candidates to run the program full-time. Additionally, Mr. Newberger established pilot programs within the Departments of Public Works and Traffic and Parking. He assessed operational procedures and data-gathering capability, and worked with the City’s Information Technology department to develop an automated work-tracking system that will support SomerStat’s extensive data requirements. In the culmination of his summer’s efforts, four full-blown SomerStat "meetings" – the heart and soul of the program where department and divisional heads present data and trends to the Mayor in a formal "war room" setting – were successfully held.