Devin Quirk

2009 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2009

Graduate Degree:Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate Degree:Harvard College
Areas of interest:Emergency Management
Mentor:Tom Keane, Consultant
Agency:Boston Emergency Medical Service
Supervisors:Chief Richard Serino, Jim Montgomery, Finance Director, and Adrianne Gerlach, Director of Policy and Planning
Project Description:During his placement at Boston Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Devin worked on a wide variety of policy, management, and operational issues which varied in scope from national, to local, to inter-departmental. At a national level, Devin worked closely with Chief Richard Serino to design a lobbying strategy to include EMS in congressional healthcare reform efforts and advocate for greater Federal EMS representation. At a local level, Devin met with representatives from local hospitals and the Boston Public Health Commission to address inefficiencies in the Boston EMS billing process. Identifying unnecessary hospital-based managed care contracts as a substantial drain on EMS funding, Devin worked with the Director of Finance to create an RFP for a new non-hospital billing contractor which, once awarded, should result in several million dollars in additional revenue for Boston EMS without increasing the fees charged to patients. Finally, at the departmental level, Devin worked with the Director of Policy and Planning to create a performance management system for the department. By the end of the summer, his efforts led to the successful launch of a web-based performance dashboard which tracks a number of key performance indicators on a daily basis and assists senior managers in achieving established performance goals.

Devin says "As a student in Boston, I’ve always been interested in local government, but the Rappaport Fellowship provided me an exceptional opportunity to put the lessons I’ve learned in the classroom into action in my own backyard! While the generosity of the Rappaport Institute allowed me to provide a cost free service to local government, the most extraordinary part of the Fellowship is the opportunity to learn about the governance of greater Boston from the other fellows. My placement at Boston EMS allowed me to gain a greater depth in a policy area I am passionate about, but my connection to the other Fellows allowed me to broaden my knowledge on a wide variety of local issues including education, environmental, housing, economic, municipal management and everything in between. I am incredibly grateful for the experience!"