Emily Monea

2012 Rappaport Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 24, 2012

Graduate School:Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate School:Boston University
Areas of interest: Performance Management
Mentors:Amy Dain, Dain Research
Supervisor: Daniel Hadley, Director, SomerStat
Project Description: This summer Emily worked for SomerStat, Somerville’s performance management office. Under the leadership of Mayor Curtatone, Somerville was one of the first cities to embrace performance management, a practice that allows mayors to systematically manage city departments through data. Daniel Hadley, the director of SomerStat, asked Emily to embrace the spirit of performance management by analyzing his office’s performance (in other words, by “stat-ing” SomerStat). She began by evaluating the office’s weaknesses, then researched best practices and talked to directors of performance management offices around the country, and ultimately developed a set of recommendations for improving the office’s – and, by extension, the city’s – efficiency and efficacy.

Emily says that the Rappaport Fellowship was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. First and foremost, it allowed me to gain an insider's view into the workings of the public sector. My professional experience until this summer had been exclusively in the non-profit sector, so my time in Somerville – from attending morning staff meetings with the mayor to interacting with a wide range of city employees and residents – gave me a thorough education on what it's like to work for municipal government. While by no means glamorous and at times frustrating, it's also uniquely rewarding because you can actually observe how the work you do benefits the public. I feel grateful to be a part of the Rappaport Program’s considerable network of like-minded individuals seeking to improve the workings of state and local government. The summer sessions that the fellows attend together on a weekly basis were also fantastic experiences, allowing us to experience parts of Boston that many of us had never been to, and may never have been able to go to (like the MBTA Operations Control Center).