Eric Schultheis

2011 Radcliffe/Rappaport Doctoral Policy Fellow

May 1, 2011

Graduate Degree: MIT
Undergraduate Degree:Wesleyan University
Areas of interest: Housing Issues
Mentor:Tim Warren, Chief Executive Officer, The Warren Group
Agency:Cambridge Housing Authority
Supervisor:Carolina Lucey, Communications and Policy Department
Project description:Eric's Rappaport Fellowship placement was at the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA). At CHA, he worked with CHA staff to evaluate CHA’s data management practices; he created a longitudinal dataset of CHA’s Section 8 participants to facilitate future research partnerships between CHA and academic institutions; and conducted a spatio-temporal analysis of CHA’s Section 8 participants. The spatio-temporal analysis included extensive GIS mapping and statistical analysis of residential location choices of Section 8 households. The analyses created a baseline of knowledge about Section 8 participants and identified several spatial and household characteristic trends in CHA’s Section 8 program that warrant further investigation.

The Rappaport Fellowship Program (1) introduced me to the internal operations of local government agencies and (2) allowed me to develop a relationship with CHA that both opens the door for future research opportunities and enables me to produce relevant research.