Eugen Taso

2010 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2010
Graaduate Degree: Tufts University
Undergraduate Degree:Harvard University
Areas of interest:Environmental Issues
Mentor:Phil Puccia, JP Morgan Securities
Supervisors:Lowell Richards, Chief Development Officer, Andrew Hargens, Senior Planner and Project Manager, and Deborah Hadden, Deputy Port Director
Project Description:As a Rappaport Fellow during the summer of 2010 Eugen worked for the Massachusetts Port Authority because he wanted to gain experience in public policy at a state level and learn about the different operations of an independent agency. He was very fortunate to share his ten weeks there between the Economic Planning and Development Department (EP&D) and the Maritime division. He was therefore exposed to not one but three very different projects which have allowed him to explore different aspects of his fields of interest: environmental policy, alternative energy, and business. Eugen's main assignment involved designing a study offering options and recommendations to Massport about the best approach to a clean truck program at its port facilities. The study included a comprehensive overview of other port programs already in place or under development through phone interviews with program administrators, an in-person fleet characterization survey at the container terminal, a technology overview of available options for truckers and a list of options and recommendations including legal considerations for implementing a clean truck program under different scenarios. His second assignment involved drafting a presentation for senior staff on the feasibility and applicability of investing in the development of a solar power installation at one of Massport’s facilities. Finally, he was tasked with conducting a due diligence study on the direct current transmission infrastructure and its applicability in the context of a proposed project on one of Massport’s recently acquired properties. Overall, he had a great experience and he is very grateful to the Rappaport Institute, the program administrators and his supervisors for making this such a successful and fulfilling summer.