Gail Waterhouse

2016 Rappaport Public Policy Fellow

May 31, 2016
Gail Waterhouse
Graduate Degree: Northeastern University
Undergraduate Degree: Northeastern University
Area of Interest: Community Development Issues
Mentors: Brian Doherty, Boston Metropolitan District Building and Trades Council and Brendan Goodwin, MA Department of Housing and Community Development
Agency: MA Department of Housing and Community Development
Supervisor: Mark Southard, Community Development Manager
 Gail worked with the Department of Housing and Community Development reassessing their Community Wide Needs Score, which is part of the overall application process for cities and towns in Massachusetts to receive Community Development Block Grant money. She analyzed the current Community Wide Needs Score, gathered feedback from internal and external stakeholders, researched other community development needs indicators, found and collected relevant existing statistical data, and tested potential new factors for an updated score. At the end of the summer, she presented a new Community Wide Needs Score that more accurately captured community and individual need, and proposed it be implemented as part of the application process. Additionally, she gathered data and mapped municipal poverty over a 15-year period for the Community Services division of the DHCD, which acted as a first step in the division’s goal of more effectively disbursing federal aid money to communities.