Jeffrey Roth

2006 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2006
Graduate Degree:Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate Degree:James Madison
Area of interest: Smart growth and land-use issues
Agency:City of Haverhill, Mayor's Office
Supervisors:Mayor Jim Fiorentini and Ted Van Nahl, Chief of Staff
Project Description:Jeffrey Roth will be working in the Mayor’s Office of the City of Haverhill under the direction of Mayor James Fiorentini, Mayor of the City of Haverhill and Ted Van Nahl, Chief of Staff. The Mayor has an aggressive agenda and needs someone to examine a few critical areas in terms of downtown redevelopment. Most critical is the parking requirement of the city’s current zoning laws. There are a number of redevelopment projects on hold because the developers do not want to pay for the massive parking requirements currently cited in the zoning ordinance. He will examine the parking situation in the city, make recommendations on possible zoning changes and help identify alternatives to parking in the city to help make this politically contentious issue more manageable. In addition, the Mayor would like to identify downtown areas as part of an " urban renaissance zone."