Kai-Yan Lee

2005 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2005
Kai-Yan Lee Graduate Degree: MIT, Department of Urban Studies and Planning/Harvard Kennedy School Dual Degree
Undergraduate Degree: University of California, Berkeley
Area of interest: Labor and off-shore trade
Agency: Office of Senator Jack Hart
Supervisor: Nathan Pham, Legislative Aide
Project Description:
Kai-Yan Lee worked this summer at the Office of Senator Hart , who chaired the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technology. Kai-Yan’s project was to work on the draft of the new economic stimulus bill. He met with representatives of the private sector, community organizers, and public officials to solicit their input. He also consulted various legislative caucuses and the Senate President’s office during the legislative process. Kai-Yan drafted memos to analyze the issues, made policy recommendations, and crafted the overall policy framework for the stimulus bill. Some of his recommended policies were included in the Senate version of the bill, and he is eagerly waiting to find out if they will make it to the final bill.