Kevin Feeney

2010 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2010
Graduate Degree:Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Undergraduate Degree:Harvard University
Interest Area:Workforce development and Labor
Mentor:Kathy Kottaridis, Executive Director, Historic Boston, Inc.
Agency:Massachusetts Department of Labor, Division of Career Services and Massachusetts Parole Board
Supervisor:David Sullivan, Massachusetts Department of Labor and Massachusetts Parole Board
Project Description:Kevin Feeney worked with the Massachusetts Department of Labor and the Parole Board on issues of job access for people with criminal records. He produced a memo on strategies for building employer demand for ex-offenders, a mid-year evaluation of a state reentry grant, and an outline of a pilot training and placement initiative for reentry candidates who wish to enter the building trades. He says "My experience as a Rapport Fellow was outstanding. In working on issues of job access for individuals with criminal records, I spoke with employers, ex offenders, as well as representatives from probation, parole, career centers and leading nonprofits. I was the first to evaluate a major state reentry grant, and had the chance to bring an employer group and several criminal justice agencies together to plan a new job training and placement initiative. While I leave the fellowship with almost as many questions about prisoner reentry as when I began, my questions are sharper, and I know where to seek the answers."