Lauren Yoshizawa

2014 Radcliffe/Rappaport Doctoral Summer Fellow

May 27, 2014

Graduate Degree:Harvard Graduate School of Education
Undergraduate Degree:Swarthmore College
Area of Interest:Education Issues
Mentors:Dan Kennedy, Northeastern University School of Journalism and Mary Burkhauser, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Agency:Massachusetts Board of Higher Education
Supervisor:Winnie Hagen, Director for Educator Policy and Susan Lane, Senior Director of Alignment and Engagement
Project Description:During her Radcliffe/Rappaport Public Policy Doctoral Fellowship at the Department of Higher Education, Lauren worked on multiple projects of policy alignment with Winnie Hagan, the Director of Educator Policy, and Sue Lane, the Senior Director of Alignment and Engagement. Her primary focus was on the Common Core standards and PARCC assessments. Lauren supported the work of the Regional Readiness Centers and Campus Engagement Teams to interpret how these changes in K-12 instruction will affect public higher education. DHE, in collaboration with DESE, supports higher education campuses as they prepare to integrate PARCC and the Common Core into their teacher preparation programs, placement policies, and K-12 partnerships.

Lauren says "The Rappaport Fellowship was a great opportunity to step away from research and academia and see how ideas and policies play out in implementation. I was especially lucky to work on projects that emphasized communicating and disseminating policy information, establishing collaborative networks, and supporting on-the-ground changes. This experience has provided me new insight into what policy means on a very concrete, campus-to-campus, person-to-person level. The mentorship of my two supervisors also helped me understand the dynamics of working in state policy and I was inspired by their dedication to the work and their focus on personal connections. I felt well supported throughout this summer by my two Rappaport mentors, the Rappaport staff, and the other fellows, with whom I enjoyed learning about different places and policy work in the Boston area."